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Below Average Dave
Below Average Dave
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A man writing parodies just because. .singing and writing is fun
Everyone Loves Chiquita
Today #25 in Parody subgenre
That Don't Impress Me Much (Male Side)
Peak position #3
Netflix and Chill (by Myself)
Peak position #5
Bowl It Live at University Pizza
I write parodies for fun and record them because I love performing. Check out my website at badave.com for more info! In case anyone is curious, my backing tracks are created by and used with permission by karaoke-version.com/en. They make some really cool karaoke tracks and are very approachable people.
Band/artist history
Well I've written parodies since I was a kid. I want to record all of them--but my catalog of written songs is just too much. . .I hope to maybe get a better recording strategy someday, but until then my history is what you see here other than what was previously released under Adrenaline Boy and Skitt.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not as often as I'd like to, but wherever the opportunity arises. I also do frequent karaoke bars, but that's not usually as Below Average Dave. . .Join my mailing list if you'd like to know of upcoming scheduled performances or contact me if you'd like to perform at an event, especially if its for a non-profit organization or to benefit HIV, Breast Cancer, Cancer in general, or other debilitating diseases that need more funding.
Your musical influences
Wierd Al Yankovic is about it. Ever since he stepped in a fat suit and ran around a parking lot I've written/sang parodies.
What equipment do you use?
A Shure SM58, Magix Music Maker, I also occasionally use Audacity for slight effects, but generally prefer Music Maker. Additionally I use M-Audio for improved sound quality, though my older recordings don't reflect that.
Anything else?
Want me to write a parody of a favorite song of yours? Email Me! I also do websites on the side--my language is PHP/MYSQL and of course HTML, but I have learned other common web languages as well
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