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Dad Travers Tape Recorder
Dad Travers Tape Recorder
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This is Dad Travers and his Tape Recorder. That's all folks.
Dad's been playing guitar since he was seven and has been sneaking time on people's pianos since he was nine. Various Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and friends can attest to the vulgar habit of bee-lining to their pianos and trying to sing "Hey Jude". Although he's never gotten all that good, he's got lots of "great" ideas. Over the years he's been in quite a few bands and just can't quit writing his tunes down. Admittedly, he's got the voice of the guy on the intercom at the junk yard (if there is one), but no one's ever filed a lawsuit against it. Mom is on the french horn, or was on the french horn... she left it back in Yorkshire. This is a class operation folks! In his Tascam recording days Dad was limited by the instruments he had. Drums were Tupperware bowls with uncooked rice in them (sped up and slowed down for various toms and snare). Today he's using his iBook and the limitations are memory based. Although he hates using synthetic or pre-recoded nonsense, there just isn't always another option and he apologizes for that. All the best laid plans go to pot when the computer just won't run with another track. So quite a few projects end in what would have been an "unfinished" state. No worries, only excuses. So Dad is from Cambridge, MA. He's easily tempted by good beer. Got any? Sincerely Dad (oops, I mean "sincerely Dad's publicist" who insisted to write about Dad in the third person. Ahem).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No live shows scheduled at the minute, although that would be hilarious. What would I do?
Your musical influences
Dad still listens to Ry Cooder, Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, Dick Curless, Led Zepplin, The Standells, Jacques DuTronc, The Pretty Things, Chocolate Watchband, Thompson Twins, Paul McCartney and old Stones.
What equipment do you use?
iBook, Gibson SG, Hammond Sounder Organ, Collard &b Collard Piano, French Horn
Anything else?
All aboard the Baby Tree, where else would you rather be?
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