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Bozung and Moore
Bozung and Moore
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Bozung and Moore bring various instrumental styles of acoustic/electric guitar based music.
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Bozung and Moore is a recording partnership between Tommy Bozung and David Moore. This recording duo has written and recorded for over two decades. Former drummer and guitar player for the late 1980's Christian metal band ZION, Tommy and Dave recorded "Thunder From The Mountain" released in 1987 as well as other recordings for independent artists over the years. In the past two years, Tommy and Dave have focussed their efforts in several new directions such as: "Our Gift To Bring" a Christmas compilation CD with traditional Christmas songs rearranged in different styles such as: Little Drummer Boy (Country Rock) and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (Latin). Future releases include: "Road Trip" an Acoustic/Electric Instrumental CD that flavors styles such as Rock, Latin, Celtic and Blues due for release 2007 and "Pig & Crow" a compilation of fast quick-picking Blue Grass songs due for release in 2007-2008.
Band/artist history
IMAGE RECORDS IS PROUD TO PRESENT ZION! Before Stryper, Whitecross and Holy Soldier there was a pioneer christian rock band.....Zion! Originating in Sioux Falls South Dakota in 1981 and eventually becoming known nationally as well as internationally when the band signed with the east coast label IMAGE RECORDS in 1988. The group disbanded in 1992 after enjoying a very successful +11 years of ministry and releasing the cd "Thunder From The Mountain" which had five top ten hit singles! 2004 found the boys Rex, Marlin, Tommy & Dave reuniting in Portland Oregon in August on the 15th year anniversary of the recording sessions of "Thunder". The members are always working on new material of various styles and a new CD is coming out late 2006 or early 2007 of a collection of live cuts and rare demo's, and previously unreleased on cd tunes! Titled "Thrillseeker - A Live History!" Be sure to be on the lookout for it! www.zionrocks.org
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Both Dave and Tom have toured extensively throughout the 1980's. Dave plays on a regular bases and Tommy joins him for festivals/concerts inbetween times. Tommy engineers, produces and performs in his studio located in Washington State.
Your musical influences
"We really like all styles and that is why our latest projects flavor various styles of music. It is really about loving music of all styles over any one or couple of artists. If I had to say who was my most influential, I would have to go with Sting or Peter Gabriel as far as independent artists." Tommy Dave favorite artist is "Doyle Dykes" (a Taylor Guitar Clinician)
What equipment do you use?
Taye "Tour Pro" Drums, Fender Stratocaster, Dean and Brian Moore guitars, Martin & Taylor Acoustis, Macintosh and HP Hardware, Yamaha, Ovation as far as personal choices.
Anything else?
Give us your feedback at bozungandmoore@yahoo.com
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