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The super group is here to save Memphis and help create (the new Atlanta). Atlanta is famous for Our Memphis Swagg says A-Class. Our city is looked over and no
The group started with 6 people and it had the name Death Trap. We were all young so our skills were not good. Our beats were made by me,Iceman the CEO of new gen. Our first cd was horrible. We used acid to record with an computer mic and fl studio was where we made our beats. Soon the group broke-up.There was no anger at first, it was like after the first cd, group members started not to show up as much as they needed to, to record. So I started on my solo cd. This cd did have most of the group members on it, if not all.So the cd was made. After a while me and MrM, now the co-CEO of new gen, found out the cd was not that great and some how we started working together on music. It was mostly just us two, but my friend that staied next door wanted to still be a part of it because he was a former group member of Death Trap,D-Mac.One other member also joined new gen, Iceman's best friend Izzy-J.The summer of 2004 me and MrM came up with New Generation. From there it still moves on.
Band/artist history
Check the Intrduction, thats pretty much it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Iceman and MrM.-Not on occasions, but we try to get gigs set up from time to time.
Your musical influences
Iceman-In Beat making my influences come from Juston Blaze, Kanye West, The Heat Makerz, and Dre.Lyricly it comes artist like Juelz, Lil Wayne, Project Pat,and some artist from Diplomats MrM-old Three Six, A-Mafia, Hell Rell, Cam, Juelz, JR Writer, Young Dro, late 90s Memphis gangsta shit
What equipment do you use?
Home studio,Recording use of a CPU. Upgrading to Pro Tools 7 and we still use Fl Studio 5 producer.
Anything else?
Iceman-Maybe Lata MrM.-if you wanna collab get with us but dont ask me to get on a dance song cuz i aint doin it
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