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Beatz , beatz , and more beatz! Experience Magnificent Pimpin' at it's finest! Tybeatz Music 2006
Tybeatz Music , experience Magnificent Pimpin' at it's finest! Tybeatz has been making music for over 12 years and is dedicated to providing a different shade to anybody's project, whether it be hip hop , r&b , or pop. Tybeatz has also co-wrote and starred in a local television movie (Richmond,VA.) called "Brothers Killing Brothers" that aired for 6 weeks due to public demand. In addition to this he has also co-hosted numerous Richmond music video shows such as Karamel Video Jams that was praised in many trade magazines as the hottest video show in the city at the time.As you can see Tybeatz pimp game is on fire and he wants to spread the love to all who wants to experience Magnificent Pimpin' at it's finest! Tybeatz Music 2003 (click on my website link for more info on Tybeatz Music)
Band/artist history
I have been around, like I said from t.v. to movies to music. I have never done anything on the commercial status but plenty on the underground level. Success is what you see it to be and I feel successful. I will work with anyone doing a serious project, no matter the size of the budget!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I can rap and write songs but I choose to be only a studio performer. I leave the performing up to the artist who have the love to do so like I have the love to create my music!
Your musical influences
Anyone who follows their dreams and does'nt give in to the negative forces that be.
What equipment do you use?
Cakewalk software as well as other software.
Anything else?
Don't let anyone tell you that it's impossible to be successful in this business.Successful does not always include a platinum chain and a Hum-V. Success is what you want it to be. Personaly, I just want to make maybe 75,000 to 100,000 a year so I can take care of my family or at least have a steady work load.
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Highlights / Drake Type Beat (2 For 1)
Felony - 128 bpm Bells Trap
FREE] Drake x Certified Lover Boy Type Beat "What