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Welcome to the pyroclastic annhilation. Step right up and witness brutality in its purest more earthy form. Watch as the gateway to hell blasts open right bef
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Vesuvius - No Hope live at Emocide 2007
Band/artist history
Vesuvius was formed in 2003 by Jay May and Nick Thomas. Jay and Nick met each other online when the msn chats were a free commodity. They began writing and recording with their home PC. One year later Hot Pursuit was born and Vesuvius finally had their mark on the extreme metal map. Finding a drummer with the proper taste and skill for their brutal style of writing proved to be an incredible challenge. For 3 years they scoured the globe for a suitable drummer. In 2005 they couldn't wait any longer to finish the line up, so they continued with the second installment "Merciless Disease". The production with the drum sequencer greatly increased, and the second album was released in the summer of 2005. Vesuvius played with a couple of notable drummers during this hiatus including Camazotz, (Now drummer of Tazumal and Dreams of Damnation) and Eddy Marquez, brother of famed drummer Emilio Marquez. (Asesino and Sadistic Intent) Sadly, these line ups never solidified and Vesuvius was doomed to continue writing without percussion. At the end of 2005 Vesuvius got the lucky break they had dreamed about. They made alliances with a promoter and group of bands local to San Bernardino. Ron Pierce of IE Death brought Mike Raya to the lineup as percussionist. Being exactly what they needed, Vesuvius was suddenly reborn. If that wasn't a stroke of luck, Mike brought his cousin Joey Brown aboard as bassist. PERFECT. The Chemistry was potent, and the line up was set in stone. They are now composing and arranging the 3rd(and to them the first) real LP, entitled "From the Ash". Again, Vesuvius has pushed themselves to the next level, never compromising, never slowing down... EVER! They are currently booking a full schedule of shows for 2006 with their fellow IE Death brethren, Army of Darkness, and Gang Raping Nuns. Stay tuned to IE Death, bringing your dose of pure brutal aggression to a well hidden underground venue near you... AND MAY WE FINALLY WELCOME YOU TO THE PIT! m/ !!UPDATE!! As of November 2007, Vesuvius has changed their line up. They are now a 3 piece featuring Jaysuvius on bass/vocals, Baron Von Mobius on lead guitar, and Tommy Gun Guerrerro on drums from the depths of hellheim CA. Stay tuned for new and more brutal music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play all over southern california
Your musical influences
Swedish and Floridian Death, and Norwegian Black ..m/ Vile, Hypocrisy, Grave, monstrosity, morbid angel, Centurian, Decapitated, Dismember, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Konkhra, Krisiun, Behemoth, Naglfar, Immortal, Myrkskog, Immolation, etc etc.
What equipment do you use?
Carvin Guitars, Mesa Boogie Amps, Tama Drums, Ampeg Bass Amps, pure bruality
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