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D X M digital experimental music
D X M digital experimental music
71 Tracks
Ambient, Experimental, Electronic, Original, Strange, Techno, Sick, Breakbeat, IDM, Trance, Different, Rave, Hallucination, Deep, Hollow, Good, Kick, Bump, Bass
I Dont Know Who Makes My Music. Somewhere In My Head something Decided what Sounds Right And Wrong. I simply Try to adjust Everything Until it Decides it Is Fit.
Band/artist history
The History of this Band is Never ending and also has No true begining. Theonly thing I can Think of to Explain the history of this band is that the band when everything that does and does not exist Decided to exist or Not was Already existant. In that it Did not ever Begin and never was not. Because I cannot Comprehend myself being what it is, in what I have decided is myselfs head, Decided to ever Be Or not Be. What I have decided is myself wich embodies the thoughts of whats right and wrong does Not itself understand why It thinks this. Or when it started to feel either way. So it never did exist and only exists to question its own existance knowing that it does not exist because in order to exist it must first begin to exist but without existing it would never exist to begin to feel right and Wrong. This Band Will be forever always has Been and never Will Be.For I myself the Embodyment of what I think is right and Wrong never existed to give the Band wich is Myself wich is the embodiment of what it is inside my head wich decided what is right or wrong do know when I Possibly could have started to concieve such patterns and melodies wich fit so perfectly together. I Myself being the embodiment of whatever it is wich is inside my head can not say why what it believe to be right and wrong are right and wrong but it does and therefore I believe that Wich I make is Music. Because it seems to please that inside my head wich decides what is right and Wrong therefore my music Cannot Be wrong because it sounds right to that wich inside my head decides is right and wrong. So The Band Has no History. But the History Of the Band Is itself History.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No I do Not Play. As I previously Stated I Simply adjust things to satisfy Whatever it is In my head that Decides things are Right Or wrong.
Your musical influences
Any Music Wich seems right to That wich I Embody wich decided what Is right and Wrong.
What equipment do you use?
I Use A Program wich helps me manipulate sounds electronicaly until That wich I embody being that wich is inside my head wich decidedes what is wrigtht or wrong believe it to Be Right. Then that wich is inside my head and decideds what is right or wrong forces my body to manipulate physicaly my body wich then moves the mouse wich then manipulates electornicaly the sounds to please that Wich I embody wich decides is right and Wrong.
Anything else?
No. Not realy Much Else to Say.
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