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Marco Pesci
Marco Pesci
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Music Composer
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Marco is an italian born Composer. His works were used in TV shows, short films, videogames, theatre shows, instrutional DVDs, and Corporate Videos. His credits include Rogers TV, Disney Channel, Toyota, etc... Furthermore he studied "Music For The Media" deepening all various aspects and functions of music in all its various forms in the context of today's media (actually Marco doesn't like too much the past tense verb "studied", because he studies and learns every day of his life). Someone said about him "Marco is an absolute pro; it's rare that a composer can excel as he does in so many different styles of music. His dedication to clear and timely communication is also very much appreciated in a business where communication is key." Contact him at info@marcopesci.com
What equipment do you use?
--- Software --- Steinberg Cubase 6 64-bit DAW @ Windows 7 64-bit EastWest/QuantumLeap Virtual Instruments: - Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Complete Plus - Pianos Full Version - Symphonic Choirs + VOTA Expansion - Voices of Passion - Ministry of Rock - Ministry of Rock 2 - Stormdrum 2 - Gypsy - RA - The Dark Side Spitfire Instruments: - Albion I - Solo Strings - Grand Piano Cinesamples Instruments: - CineOrch Spectrasonics Synths: - Omnisphere - Stylus RMX - BackBeat module - Retro Funk module - Metamorphosis module - Liquid Grooves module - Burning Grooves module Native Instruments: - Damage - Action Strings SoundIrond Instruments: - Tuned Micro Zero-G Samples/Cinematic Special Effects: - Animato Strings - Alien Skies - Deep Impact - Dark Skies Vienna Sound Library Instruments: - Vienna Ensemble PRO - Epic Orchestra Steinberg Halion Sonic SE AVID Sibelius 7 DSP Plug-ins: - Nebula3 Pro Vectorial Volterra Kernels audio processing - Neve 5088 Console Emulation - Neve 5033 Eq Emulation - Pulteq EQ Emulation - SSL Channel and Buss Compressor Emulations - Manley Massive Passive Emulation - Neumann SP75 + W495STB EQ Emulations - CDSoundMaster R2R Essential Tape Collection - CDSoundMaster Tape Booster + - Variety of Sound Density mkII Bus Compressor - EastWest/QuantumLeap Spaces 24-bit True Stereo Convolution Reverb - ValhallaRoom Reverb - Steinberg VST Amp Rack virtual guitar amplifier and effects suite - Nomad Factory British MCL-2269 Master Compressor Limiter - Nomad Factory British NEQ-1972 4-Band Equalizer - Voxengo SPAN Spectrum Analyzer QuickTime Pro 7 --- Hardware --- Intel Core 2 Quaq Q9550 8 Gb Ram (Master) Intel Centrino 2 P8400 4 Gb Ram (Slave) RME Fireface UC 36-Channel - 24 Bit/192 kHz Audio Interface KRK Ergo Enhanced Room Geometry Optimization Adam A5X Near Field Studio Monitors Tannoy TS10 Active 10" Subwoofer Yamaha HS50M Near Field Studio Monitors Sennheiser HD 600 Studio Headphones Behringer Behritone C50A full-range reference studio monitor AKG 271 Studio Headphones Yamaha KX8 Master Keyboard M-Audio Oxygen 49 Midi Master Keyboard Ibanez RG2570E Electrig Guitar Ibanez AEL20E Acoustic Guitar Shure SM 57 Microphone Shure SM 58 Microphone Zoom H1 Handy Recorder
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