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Breakneck is four friends who love skating, playing music and having some fun. We are not out to impress just enjoy life and do what we want to do.
Band/artist history
Annapolis, MDs Breakneck is the aptly named skate rock band whose charging energy and fiery attitude light up listeners ears and brains with top notch rock and roll guaranteed to spark those adrenaline glands. Be it skating, driving or just jamming on your headphones, Breaknecks vibrant music is just what youve been looking for. For Breakneck, music is something to get you revved up. Its an exciter, a slayer of ill moods, an inspirer. Music pumps us up, gives us a way to release our stress. Its one of the best adrenaline rushes we can get. Breakneck is the perfect band for delivering just this sort of charge to your eardrums with high energy compositions smartly written and deftly performed. Listeners will be swept away in the rush that flows from the speakers. Music is nothing less than an outward manifestation of its composer. It is a direct extension of the artist. Breakneck puts full creative power and artistic integrity into its music for that very reason, because it is a reflection of the performer. Our music is an expression of us, it is real and not created to make money. Breakneck sees music as an endeavor of passion, whose motivation should stem from self-expression and the desire to make great music. For that reason, the money will come anyway. A band like Breakneck is assured success. Breakneck is an experienced group, having left its influence in a plethora of venues. The group has just finished with an article for publication in a skate magazine and has polished up work on a new single, Fight Song, to be featured in a skate video. A snowboard event in February is on the books and an East Coast tour is also slated. Work on a full-length album is also in the works. Breakneck is a dedicated band and that dedication, passion and talent all add up to a band bound to make it. Breakneck is currently working with A&R Select, the leading A&R firm in Hollywood, CA. Breakneck is about having fun and doing what we want to do. Our music is a reflection of us and our lives and we love it. Breakneck breaks the sound barrier with its attention-grabbing rock songwriting. A&R Select
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we play Live in Maryland, Virginia, and soon New York. Playing live is the best advantage of being in a band, its fun and a rush. We were playing at a local venue and Dave peed his pants for eleven dollars. He later bought the rest of the band pizza with the money.
Your musical influences
The Offspring Nofx Slipknot Bad Religion Millencolin
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha stage custom drums with sabian and zildjian symbols. Two Marshall half stacks, Peavey bass amp. Gibson, Epiphone guitars and an Ibanez left handed bass.
Anything else?
"Jam out with your Clam out"
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