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Tomas Stark
Tomas Stark
12 Tracks
Hi, and welcome to my musical world. The recordings are made during the last four years, and can be heard on different CDs released by the On-Reflection community. I hope you will find that my music is a personal blend of different inspirational sources. My main heroes are Genesis, Gentle Giant, Steve Hackett, Bill Bruford, Chick Corea, Jethro Tull, Frank Zappa, and a bunch of others (see below). Musicians: Tomas Stark: Electric guitar, acoustic guitars, keyboards, drum programming, sound effects, lead and backing vocals. Rod Chappell: Electric guitar solos on "Jesterdays".
Band/artist history
I'm born in Stockholm, Sweden and started making music and doing recordings when I was about 10 or 11 years old. My first musical heroes were The Beatles, followed by Cream, Pink Floyd, and Frank Zappa during my early teen years. In the early 70s, Genesis, Gentle Giant, and Jethro Tull became my main heroes, and they still are. In the mid 70s, I started listening to fusion oriented music as well, with Return to Forever, Chick Corea, and Bill Bruford catching most of my interest. I played keyboards in a fusion oriented band named Fido from 1979 to 1981, then in different formations during the 80s at various events. The 80s were a bit disappointing musically, but I found pleasure in listening to artists and bands such as Peter Gabriel, Dire Straits and Queen. The 90s were mainly spent on family and work, but I made some compositional efforts from time to time. In 2002 I became a member of the On-Reflection mailing list, which meant new opportunities to exchange musical ideas with old fans of Gentle Giant. I've attended the GORGG meetings in Amsterdam and Wales (www.gorgg.org), and have been involved in recording projects with members of On-Reflection since 2004.
Your musical influences
Genesis, Steve Hackett, Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull, Bill Bruford, Return To Forever, Chick Corea, Frank Zappa, Peter Gabriel, Yes, Brand X, Allan Holdsworth, King Crimson, early Pink Floyd, Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra, John McLaughlin, Al DiMeola, Santana, Queen, Dire Straits, The Beatles, Cream, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Gryphon, Steeleye Span, Greenslade, Donald Fagen, Toto, Gerry Rafferty, Chicago, Utopia, 10 CC, Supertramp, Judie Tzuke, Fleetwood Mac, ...
What equipment do you use?
Dell Dimension E520 dual-core PC Cubase SX3 M-Audio Audiophile USB M-Audio BX-8 studio monitors Behringer UB1204FX mixer ADK A-51 and Shure SM77 microphones Behringer V-AMP 2 effects unit Roland PC-200 MIDI keyboard Pearl and Bjärton acoustic guitars Epiphone Les Paul Plus electric guitar Roland SoundCanvas SC-88ST Pro
Anything else?
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