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Jesse De La O
Jesse De La O
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Solo artist playing guitars, keys, bass, drums, and sings. Between my cds and compilations I've produced, I've been featured on 27 cassettes/cds and seven DVDs
I Pray For Ya
Today #8 in Rock
You're Leavin'
Peak position #17
The Waiting
Peak position #39
Peak position #55
Gotta Get Gone
Peak position #72
18 Chaotic
I started rockin' around 1968, produced my first concert at 16, and have produced a few more throughout the years. In 1990 I began producing compilations and released 10 projects, up till 2009. In 1999 I bought some recording equipment and released my first solo EP. During the years I've picked up the guitar, bass, keys, drums, mandolin, and trying the fiddle and banjo. In 2005 my mom bought me a computer and a year later I bought a video camera and software. On October 30th, I released the Rockin', YOU'RE LEAVIN', and is available from your favorite outlets In September 2020, I released the Ambient REST EASY and is available along w/all my releases from your favorite outlets. Tracks .99, Cds $7 - $10. All Dvdr releases available from me for $15 Us/$20 world. I PRAY FOR YA' was re-released as a single featuring drums by Juan Miguel Alcantara thru airgigs.com. The Ambient Dvd/Cd THE BEAR'S HIBERNATION is schedule for release 1-15021. Working on a lyrical Cd for release around my birthday. We'll see what the Lord has in store.
Band/artist history
Duet w/my mentor Jesse "B.K." Rodriguez around 1968. Two years later began PAX w/him and Darwin Shows. JENSEN w/Jesse and Darwin in 1975, along w/ an old PAX drummer, Emil Gonzales. BOIS D' ARK w/Jesse from 1979 - 1981. We released two 45's (vinyl). I formed a new line up in 1983 for gigging and a final line up in 1985. We recorded and shot a video. In 1999 I went solo working w/brother Randy on lead guitar, as well as other, and various hired drummers for my 1st release. In April (2020) I began to work with a master on drums as well as with mixing and mastering, Juan Miguel Alcántara, of Ecuador. I praise God I am now able to work on demos I've had stashed for 20 years. Plus, I am always working on a new material.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play open mics when possible. I would consider all offers.
Your musical influences
I have been influenced by everthing from Doo Wop, Pop of the 50's, old Blues masters, as well as the masters who reinvited it - so to speak - in the 60's and now, the new age or experimental music of the late 70's, and up to the Metal of the 90's. While I enjoy some Hardcore and Extreme Metal, I'm getting too old for the screaming vulgarities and profanities. I need positive vibes around me and for positive vibes to ooze from me. Lately been listening to a lot of Metal featuring keys, and I'm trying to add more keys into songs, not just lead.
What equipment do you use?
Basic band, audio and audio video production, and distribution tools.
Anything else?
I pray that the material I produce makes you think about your position in life.
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