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Tommy Bozung
Tommy Bozung
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BlueFlame Studios:

Tommy Bozung

Internet Drummer
My name is Tommy Bozung. I am a session drummer that collaborates with artists via the internet and other sources. I provide drum tracks custom for your songs. I have recorded for artists all over the world including Netherlands, Africa, Canada and the US. About BlueFlame Studios. I constructed BlueFlame Studios in 2003 to be a drum studio for long distance collaboration. Having musician friends that I have played with for over two decades located all over the US, it was a purposeful decision to have a totally software driven studio. One challenge was to design the right combination of equipment to capture acoustic drums into a totally digital environment. The benefits of working from that point on in a digital environment is what makes everything possible! Today, BlueFlame Studios is a fully functioning drum studio able to capture the pure nature of raw acoustics and render them into custom tracks that will add the dynamics, punch and feel to your song or project. About Me: My name is Tommy Bozung. I have been a drummer/musician/artist professionally for over two decades. I spent a large portion of the 80 and early 90s in and out of the studio for a nationally know group called ZION where I shared in the success of performing and recording on five top ten singles. From there I went on and recorded for local independent artists and began experimenting in digital recording from its earliest forms such as MIDI. I designed, engineered and recorded with my own personal acoustic drum trigger conversion kit designs in the early 90s, but was never really satisfied with the MIDI digital percussion environment. It was an attempt to stay busy in my craft and press on through an era that purged out many local drummers from session work. Without local studios equipped to handle recording drums and without the appropriate connections, it was essentially useless to pursue that course. It wasnt until four years ago that I began to learn about the digital software environment and the advancements of analogue to digital conversion. This breathed new life into me and I set out a course to pursue and learn as much as I could about it. Since 2003, I have been striving for excellent quality in the areas of performance, engineering, drum tone production and effective methods of collaboration with my new global client. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to work with you and on your song or project.
Band/artist history
I have played with and for the following artists: ZION (Band) David Moore (Independent) Rex Scott (Independent) Johan Shippers (Netherlands Independent) Brothers Because (Band) Natalie Brooke (Christian Independent) Ryan McGuire (Christian Independent)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Session work for independent artists and record companies.
Your musical influences
I like to play layered percussion. A movement of sorts. Someting that flows and grooves. Usually it falls under the genre of Rock, Latin or Jazz.
What equipment do you use?
Taye Tour Pro Drums
Anything else?
You can't program what is done naturally!
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