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Ray Franks
Ray Franks
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Country/Bluegrass/Gospel/Classic Country
Ray Franks 'Let's Take America Back
" New Things From R&J Music " Ray Franks is now a music publisher, under the name "The Can't Hardly Playboys Publishing, so if your a bluegrass and country player and are looking for a publisher, drop me aline at 1-616-805-0246 and we'll talk. Ray Franks new cd "LOOK UP! RAY FRANKS SINGS COUNTRY GOSPEL" is now at www.cdbaby.com/cd/Rayfranks and also by contacting R&J MUSIC at 1-616-805-0246 If you Like Country, Blue Grass and Gospel Music then you must have all of Ray Franks Cds & DVDs..... To order Ray Franks Cds & DVDs call 1-616-805-0246 or Ken Sutton at WaterFall Records. (906) 253-1965 Ray Franks DVD titled, " Ray Franks live at The Country Music Hall Of Fame and The Great Northern Opry in Ontario, Canada " is now on sale. you can order a copy at 1-616-805-0246 or if your in Ontario, Canada near the Soo, you can pick up a copy at The Rad Zone Wellington Sq. Mall in Canada Ray Franks has just completed his "New DVD"," Ray Franks And The Can't Hardly Playboys Live at Kountry Kamping". This video was take on Sept.16, 1995 and shows both Afternoon and Evening Shows. Ray and the boys play songs like " Crazy Arms" , " Before I Met You" and many others,this is a must have DVD. To preorder your copy please call : 1-616-805-0246 and ask for your Ray Franks DVD today! Ray Franks is a Bluegrass Country Singer/Songwriter, Ray has Won Country Music Awards in Canada and the US. You can also see Ray Franks on the RFDTV Show " Midwest Country Show " If you would like to Order any of Ray Franks Cds or DVDs please call our 1-616-805-0246
Band/artist history
Ray Franks Bio Ray Franks was born on July 17,1940 in Kinross Michigan. At age 13, while delivering newspapers to the Kincheloe Air Force Base,he became friends with Staff Sgt. Gene Acklin. Sgt Acklin told Ray, if he would deliver him a newspaper for One month,free of charge,he would give him an old guitar he had. Thus, Ray bought his frist guitar, and started on his Country Music career. Around age 14, with no musical backround at all, Ray and his father, Truman Franks, proformed for local square dances, at which time he started playing his frist piano. At age 19, Ray used to go to the Canopy Bar, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and listen to Herb Brown and the Grand Valley Playboys. Herb..., just like Sgt Acklin began to notice Ray's interest in Country Music, so almost everytime Ray came in, Herb would ask Ray to sit in with the Playboys. Eventually, Herb would take occasional nights off, and Ray would fill in. Shortly thereafter, still at the age 19, Ray formed his frist band, The Can't Hardly Playboys. Since then, Ray with his unique style and sound, has played Stage Shows, Rodeos, Nightclubs, Radio and Television. He has also given numerous Benefit Shows for the Handicapped. Ray at age 31, recorded his frist record with Jewel Recording Co., in Cincinnati Ohio, at which time he became a member of Broadcast Music Inc...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play all over the United States and Canada
Your musical influences
Bluegrass music, and what is now called classic country music
Anything else?
If you would like to Buy any of Ray Franks Cd's you can find them at :www.cdbaby.com/cd/Rayfranks and at www.cdbaby.com/cd/franksray Or by calling 1-616-805-0246 or Ken Sutton at WaterFall Records. (906) 253-1965
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