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MOBB records C.E.O- lead producer,engineer,Rapper
Blast My Cannon 2
b*** I Am Crazy
Detroit's Finest M.O.B.B Records C.E.O Free beats apond request get at me looking fo features all day every day
Band/artist history
MOBB Records C.E.O. AND Lead Producer Andre Hall (Southwest King) (Downriver Don) Grew Up For the most part in SouthWest Detroit and a couple years Melvindale and Oak Park.He Fell in love wit rap around 12 and 13 from rappers like Snoop Dogg, Notorious B.I.G. the First and only tapes he own.Mounths later he profomed on stage for the very first time,to a song by Willie D(Super Dick Dynomite).In 1998 He Herd a rapper by the name of DMX who soon became the only source of music worthy of listening to in his mind.As time past he began freestyleing ween ever alone not very often but he never took it serious anyway,Untill is girlfriend introduced him to a Producer-Rapper by the name Big Uno.At first he was over joyed by the fact that he was recording on a label(Faceless Records) and was learning tools of the trade.In the night he was gettin a lot of resecpt from the battle world as he is still undefeated at 67-0.But him and his close freind Smooky were thinking it was time for a change and they desided to start there on label(MOBB Records).That same week as if it was desinty a distant cousin gave him a beat makeing program.Yungg Dre Took to it like a fish to water instantly making beats not good ones but beats non the less,so him and Smooky started up the label but as time went on Yungg Dre and Smooky both notice that Yungg Dre was more serious so over time they slowly split leaving MOBB to Dre.He's been Producing since 2002.He Was on other labels called Faceless ent. , Poor Nigga Records and Hole In The Wall Records, and didnt grow very much so He took a new path and started MOBB Records in 2003. Now MOBB is gettin well rounded and His first CD is Complete ft. artist like King ZO , Sheena , J-Stone , King , E-Spliff , Lil T .............. His Baets are cheap and good as Hell nigga dont front so if You wont some come get some MOBB Logo (How ever you wont it) SO HOLLA AT YA BOY ........................................... FOR INFO on contact hit up his e-mail at Yunggdre@hotmail.com coming soon the introduction CD for MOBB tittled (Catch Up Or Get Left) ft.Yungg Dre, King Zo, Black, J-Stone ,Sheena, Daphne Jaye, Neeko ,Big Uno, Killakaps,Eclipse,K-Blast,Donkey Dave,R.O.C.,Quan and more wit 14 trax
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not Yet but real soon like with in the next week or so ill get back then
Your musical influences
DMX,Jay-Z,Michael Jackson,NOTORIOUS B.I.G.,and busta rhymes chrisma im wild like him in my eyes
What equipment do you use?
My Main tool for music is *nonyobiznast* its does the trick for me
Anything else?
hit me up at yunggdre@hotmail.com or facebook (Andre itsThree Huneed) ... https://www.myspace.com/yunggdre
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fade it when - 1:18:21, 12.43 AM
TALK TO ME (Buy 1 Get 2 Free)
The Voice / Meek Mill Type Beat (2 For 1)
LEGEND-Lil Baby+NBA Youngboy+Lil Tjay Type Beat