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Deep Focus
Deep Focus
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We're currently holding music production and audio engineering classes starting in the month of April 2010. As professional instructors that have worked at institutions like Omnitech Institute, we have a a very good idea of what our students want, need and deserve for their time and hard earned money. We also teach video shooting and editing at a basic to novice level. When it comes to promoting products and services, other mediums can't hold a candle to what a video promo can do for you! Not only that, everyone with a camera is not a videographer! A good videographer/editor will capture the essence of your message and relay it in a way that impacts your target market! At deep Focus Media we'll not only help you hit your target, we'll help you blow it away!
Band/artist history
Deep Focus Media Inc. was started in 2004, Deep focus Marketing was started in 2007.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do recording, audio engineering music production for artists, radio and television. We do shooting, editing, titling and special effects. We also have some of the best theme music and beds available for your projects!
What equipment do you use?
We use various equipment and applications to get the job done, depending on what the job is!
Anything else?
My question to you is "what are you waiting for?" Life waits for no one, and you can be sure that the risk you take daily of not making a move, being complacent or afraid will get you a lot more of what you've been getting. "No where". Be blessed and we look forward to talking to you soon!
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