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Fletcher (UK)
Fletcher (UK)
3 Tracks
Acoustic, Rock, Folk, Alternative
We are an acoustic duo from Edinburgh that been playing our own ecclectic variety of acoustic-electric rock for two years but have only started playing live recently. With rave reviews at open mic nights around Edinburgh, we were encouraged to record an EP. It is Called THE RUFUS SESSIONS. We think it is good. We think it is different. Of course we made it so we probably will think it is good but we would like you the listener (the most important person in this business) to describe our sound and tell us what you think by using the blog. I ensure you your comments will be listened to.
Band/artist history
Our meeting of musical minds occured on the 28th September 2002. We met, we jammed and then we made some songs for our enjoyment. It was only recently that we have contemplated making them publically available. Me and Finn have shared flats since and have tried to carve out an original sound out of the instruments we both feel comfortable playing. this is why we have one electric and one acoustic guitar instead of conventional acoustic duos.
Your musical influences
AC/DC, Eric Clapton, Elvis Costello, Brendan Benson, Dire Straits, Tommy Emmanuel, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac
What equipment do you use?
Epiphone Les Paul, Marshall Valvestate, Tanglewood Acoustic, Fishman Rare Earth Pick-up
Anything else?
Our sound has been described as soft picking with a sprinkling of Jimmy Page and David Gilmour influenced lead guitar work. That coupled with the intelligent edge of Brendan Benson and a powerful yet melodic vocal has made us into "a completely original sound on the Edinburgh music scene" Allaidh Modhan
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