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The Chemists
The Chemists
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The Chemists are a 'must see' experience, with crazy effects, feedback control, extended endings and all out sweaty rock n roll. These guys don't hold back, pre
The Chemists are alive and concocting rock n roll music from their lab in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Having kicked off in Melbourne mid 2005 The Chemists boast grunt ox guitar amplification and quirky vocals combined with raw creativity and a passion for transforming 'the moment' into music. The Chemists prescribe your ears a healthy dose of rock, punk, blues and funk. Pre-destined to genre hop, these 4 budding musicians just want to have fun playing their own original style and hope that you get into it too. Songs like Man from Japan, show their ability to mix things up a bit. While Spitfire and Light On demonstrate The Chemists' ability to refresh grunge and rock elements. With 2 hours of solid material, The Chemists can really blow a crowd away. Their live shows are a 'must see' experience, with crazy effects, feedback control, extended endings and all out sweaty rock n roll. These guys don't hold back, prepare yourselves for an explosive show.
Band/artist history
07/25/2006 08:00 PM - The Noise Bar (Railway Hotel) Albert Street, Brunswick (opposite the train station and Safeway) Melbourne, AU Cost: N/A Description: Yes! We are finally back to a suitable state to start playing live again. Come down some night and say hello and have a listen. Check out the new sound and huge set. 08/03/2006 08:00 PM - The Noise Bar (Railway Hotel) Albert Street Brunswick Melbourne, AU Cost: N/A Description: 1st official gig since the shuffle of band members. Come on down to hear the new mid-fi sound! 08/09/2006 08:00 PM - The Noise Bar (Railway Hotel) Albert Street Brunswick (opposite the Brunswick Train Station and Safeways) Melbourne, US Cost: N/A 09/01/2006 10:00 PM - 303 High Street Northcote Melbourne, US Cost: Gold Coin Donation 10/02/2006 08:00 PM - Brunswick Hotel Sydney Rd Brunswick Melbourne, US Cost: N/A 10/20/2006 10:00 PM - Barbukka 279 Smith St Collingwood Melbourne, US Cost: N/A 11/04/2006 07:00 PM - Salt River Sessions 45 Moreland Rd, Footscray Melbourne, AU Cost: $15 / $10 PBS and 3RRR subscribers 11/06/2006 10:15 PM - Cornish Arms *Cup Eve* [Edit] [Cancel] Sydney Rd Brunswick Melbourne, AU Cost: N/A 11/17/2006 08:00 PM - The Scouthall 19 Edward Street (turn right at the post office hotel) Coburg Melbourne, 3184 AU Cost: N/A Description: Massive bonanza extravaganza of an evening. The Scouthall hosts the Chemists for the third time and it's going to be a doozy. A private party in a converted scouthall in Coburg. The theme is Time travelling terrorists sluts of doom! One of the best private partys in Melbourne. Don't miss out. 11/22/2006 08:00 PM - Brunswick Hotel w/ Tijuana Souvenirs Sydney Rd Brunswick Brunswick, Melbourne, AU Cost: N/A Description: Yep, playing at the Brunny again. Thanks to Tijuana Souvenirs for lining up the gig. We'll be sharing the stage with them. Will be huge. Get pissed on Wednesday night! Come on folks, your liver needs the training for Xmas 11/26/2006 07:00 PM - The Tote w/ Tijuana Souvenirs and a *BBQ* 71 Johnston St Collingwood Collingwood, AU Cost: $5 Description: Good fans of the Chemists, we need all the crew we can get to this gig. Then we can assure ourselves a good rep for any future gigs at this Melbourne Institution. Get ya mates, dates and mums to the show. We're going to pull all the stops. Come on! We're chucking on a BBQ as well. $5 entry and these great bands. We're on early so get down there so you can still get to bed early for Monday morning at work! 01/31/2007 08:00 PM - The Public Bar, North Melbourne Melbourne, AU Cost: Free Description: 1st gig back for 2007! Get the fuck down there for the show. We're going to pull all of the stops! 02/02/2007 09:00 PM - The Brunswick Hotel Sydney Rd Brunswick Melbourne, AU Cost: N/A 02/08/2007 08:00 PM - IDGAFF 160 Hoddle St, Abbotsford AU Cost: N/A 02/09/2007 08:00 PM - The Blue Tile Lounge Melbourne 93 Smith St, Collingwood, AU Cost: N/A Description: New venue, three sick acts in one night. Going to shake the house down. Bring ya sk8r mates 02/24/2007 10:30 PM - Cornish Arms 163 Sydney Road, Brunswick Melbourne, AU Cost: $8 Description: Last minute addition to the bill for our first ever decent Saturday night gig. Would be good to see a few familiar faces there even though we haven't been able to advertise this one in the press due to late notice. Look forward to belting out some Saturday night fever! 02/22/2007 09:00 PM - Blue Tile Lounge 93 Smith St, Fitzroy (cnr of smith and gertrude sts) Melbourne, AU Cost: $5 Description: This new venue is a cracker and they want us back. Last show was massive, great turn out, loud playing, sweaty rock n roll. If you missed the gig there on the 9/2 you had best get down to this show. It's one of a kind. $8 Tallies/Longnecks all night. 03/06/2007 08:00 PM - Revolver 229 Chapel St, Prahran Melbourne, AU Cost: $10/$8 pre-sale Description: Into the Mid Summer Sessions competition we go. Come down and check out how we fare against other bands. We've gotta have big crowds and great support as part of our criteria from the judging panel. This is the gig The Chemists are going to really need your help for. With a $1000 up for grabs and a shot at another recording we're going to go for it! We want to win win win! 03/08/2007 08:00 PM - IDGAFF [Edit] [Cancel] 160 Hoddle St, Abbotsford (Collingwood) Melbourne, AU Cost: N/A 03/29/2007 08:00 PM - The Rob Roy w/ Hitherto & Armen Firman 51 Brunswick St, Fitzroy Fitzroy, AU Cost: N/A 04/20/2007 08:00 PM - The Espy The Esplanade, St Kilda Melbourne, AU Cost: N/A Description: At long last, through trial and tribulation, The Chemists are booked in at their dream venue, hallowed turf, The Espy! Get ready for an all out rock n roll extravaganza beyond all proportions. This is going to one of the best gigs of our lives so far. Joining us on the night will be Tijuana Souvenirs/Darkest Heartstrings and Little Athletics! Don't miss this one, it's a night to remember for all who make it!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Man, playing live is our bag of tricks. We live to play live and every moment on stage is an opportunity to shine. We always make the most of it. Probably my favourite time onstage was at the Brunswick Hotel in Feb 2007 when we all came together and jammed out hard with each other jumping off the stage together and really giving the crowd something to remember. Anyway you look at it, The Chemists live show is a 'must see' experience. Even if only once in your time, you'll be blown away by their unique stage antics and raw talents.
Your musical influences
: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jnr, Primus, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Beck, Cake, ACDC, James Brown. Many more are bewildering us everyday.
What equipment do you use?
Pete Wheldon: Mexican Stratocaster through Hughes and Kettner Tri Amp Mk II 100W Valve monster, 4X12" Celestion Hughes & Kettner Cabinet Steve Mayhew: Fender Jaguar through a Marshall JCM 900 50W valve monster, Marshall 1960 Lead Cabinet 4x12" Celestions Marcus Lamont: Bass guitar through a Ampeq head and Peavey cabinet (lovingly called 'the bar fridge') with 2 6x9's and a 18" sub. Jason Block: Sonar Drums, U Flip Cymbals
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