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Da Promised Land
Da Promised Land
18 Tracks
Take a stride into Da Promised Land....
To The Right feat. AP @!DAMN!@
How We Gonn@ Make It (Remix)
I Stand Alone **SINIMA BEAT**
Welcome to Da Promised Land...... Born in the first year of the 90's, Brandon Tyler Breen aka "Promise" was born and semi-raised in Baltimore City, Brandon quickly learned of his mother's abusive drug addiction to heroin. As a youth he would chill with friends on the block and educate his rock throwng skills at windows. Soon he would come to terms with the fact that there was a seriously problem in his life. But his mother told him first, she sent him to live with his grandmother in Port Saint Lucie Florida when he was 9. She told him that he couldnt grow up in the life that she was living, and was probably the only good thing she did for him. But you can take the nigg@ out the ghetto but not the ghetto out the nigg@. Elelmentary years were rough, referrals daily, sent home every week. But his ,other decided to come back down in a few years, and matters only became worse. Now he was being kicked out of school, arrested, convicted of felonies. He obtained a possession of weapon charge as well as theft when he was 11 years old, and sent to an altenative school. The years went rough, being kicked out of school three times, and his mother gradually slipping back into the drug life. He united with his long time friend Anthony aka "Vision", and tore up whatever obstacles life gave them. They quickly became soul nigg@z (no homo) and fell into the rap game. Soon they created the music group "Diktataz" and are now recognized on the street as well performing, talented lyracists.
Band/artist history
2005 - Bring The Pain: The Early Mixes - Promise finds his brother from another mother Vision. 2006 - The Demon Within LP - Promise hooks up with Vision for a mix cd and creates the music group "Diktataz". Following the release of their duo album the following year. 2007 - Diktataz Special Edition hits the streets. Many tracks, mostly all successful. - Promise and Vision get much respect and a few opportunities. - Promise performs on stage (about 1000 people) with Vision and Ace (members of Diktataz), and shocks crowds with his talent.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes i have played live and it was hott. There were about 1000 people in the crowd and they all went crazy when i did. I had my 2 nigg@z rip with me, Vision and Ace. 2 of the illest nigg@z out.
Your musical influences
2Pac is my major influence, as well as Eminem. Much of what they say relates to me and my chilhood, so i feel where they are coming from. I just want to be heard and have people remember me like they will remember them. Tupac Amaru Shakur R.I.P. you will be missed.
What equipment do you use?
Samsung Microphone and stand, Fruityloops, Protools, Hip Hop 6, Music Maker, and i'm working on getting some better equipment, but it gives me satisfying results.
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