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Hvill Boys
Hvill Boys
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9 Tracks
Ballin Till We Fall
Trynna Beat It Up
Peak in sub-genre #10
Watch My Shoes Freestyle
Peak in sub-genre #29
Lay Yo Body Down
Peak in sub-genre #92
Oh Girl
Peak position #74
Hvill Boyz Howardville, Missouri, most dont know about it, but with this little group called Dem Hvill Boyz aka DHB, is the new and improved music generation. This group can sing and rap, can make almost any type of music, and are still in high school. With their Can I Come Over and Watch Em Hit Da Flo on the streets, nothing can stop these young gunners. They are on the rise of a new era and who wouldnt want them on their team. When you listen to one of their songs i bet you would just think to yourself how can kids this age be so bright. They have performed for plenty of groups of all different kinds. " On the real we just give out all our stuff and hope these people pay attention." a quote from Vincent Pratcher, one of the main artist. Dmak and Vp are the main two to pay attention to. Although they are the main artist, theyre faithful to their friends. These two can impress you. With DeAngelos voice and Vincents flow and rhymes, you will get want you out of a song. With their smash street hit Watch Em Hit Da Flo, you will be amazed. Tpizz aka Tyrell Polk, Killa Lee aka Cortez Jones, and Antonio aka Big Mann, are also apart of this legion of music. As they back up Vincent and DeAngelo, they can excel the limits of any current rapper.Not only do they help, but they are important to this group. Regardless, if theyre not the first to be seen they make this group better. Growing up from out of this small town and being able to be heard in every state is not only good, but outstanding. If these guys cant make money for you then who can. Blowing up with their first hit 1 Night Stand, which they were influenced by Down South President, broke them into the air. Theyre growing slowly every day and signing them wouldnt be foolish, no way, itll be the best thang you could ever do. If you plan on having a hard-working group, then you will want these young men on your sides. They will be faithful, honest, and equal to you, regardless, the problem. You can count on them like theyre your immediate family. These young gunners produce their own tracks, make their own beats, and even write their own music. Most kids this age cant even compare to what they have done. No one is the music industry right now can compare to their superstar status. Theyve grinded in the streets long enough to know how the game go and now theyre ready for the big league of music. Watch as these kids grow with their music and their abilities will too. "Not only can we tell u were number one, but you can bet that we are. No matter what, we will never stop, regardless, where we are five years from now." quote from the group.
Band/artist history
LOL...mane lookin back on da click u could neva or want to sign us...but mane who dont go threw it...we done made bombs to shootin to breakin in houses, to breakin windows fightin, cusses name it we done it lol.....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Mane...nall we had a planned show February on the 17th but it got canceled and shiii so we doin any thang that'll get us nown...
Your musical influences
Our music influences is my nigga BQGambino, Franchize Boyz, almost err southern rapper mane...
What equipment do you use?
PC....Mike....Studio HeadPhones...and our Brain mane...
Anything else?
add me at www.myspace.com/hvillboyz www.myspace.com/demvillboyz
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