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Nathanael Music Project is a page giving previews of the Production work of David Neuffer, featuring other artists and Producers as Fenton D, Yasufumi Koike, Ab
Band/artist history
Your musical influences
I have quite big range of influences: From Bach, Mozart and Beethoven to Jazz and Blues like Muddy Waters, Wes Montgomery, Jaco Pastorius to acts like NWA and Eminem. From a production point of view I might find myself listening to Pop such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera as well as Drum and Bass such as Rony Size and London Electricity or GOA (Psychedelic Trance) and Breakbeat. Fields I?m really interested in are also dance-, theatre-, and film-music as well from a production as from a live performance point of view. Generally sat, I like music and if I think it is good music I enjoy listening to it or use it as references for my own productions...! (Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Luis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin, James Brown, Bj?rk, Seeed - and the list goes on?)
What equipment do you use?
Quad Core PC, with 4 GIGs RAM Cubase SX3, Wavelab, Reason 4 (as Rewire Application) Native Instruments, Spectrasonics Focusrite Saffire 24Pro DSP Focusrite, - M-Audio BX8A deluxe Studio Monitors - [I tested the M-Audio EX66 Studio Monitors - but I sent them back because of a not very detailed Bass playback and some problems with the DSPs. If you play a signal with very low Volume or a fadeout, they add a dark rumbling sound to the Signal as if somebody would talk in the background.] - Samson Q8 (Sure SM58 Equivalent) - AKG C2000B - - Yamaha PSR7000 When I work in the (Efringen-Kirchen/Egringen) I'm recording with ProTools LE using the in combination with the For mixing in the Studio I use YAMAHA HS80M Monitors, and AKG K-240 STUDIO Headphones. Some of the Samples I use we recorded in the LIPA Studios by using the RADAR Hard Disk recorder and Pro Tools HD. For coursework I also used Logic Pro and it's internal Instruments and FX Plugins. During the last year I used to record and cut whole sample banks of instruments such as Guitar, Bass, Piano, Cello, Drums and Percussions and programming patches for Samplers as NNXT, ESX24, Halion and Kontakt as well as Battery. - (if you are interested you can find detailed blogs with pictures on my member profile or or the Nathanael Myspace Page, you can get into touch with me directly via ) - AKG 451 Mic - Some kinda Patchbay - and some small kinda Master Keyboard with waited keys like the M-AUDIO AXIOM 25
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