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Rebirth At Burial
Rebirth At Burial
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A mixture of Metal, Classical, and any kind of music imaginable. The anthem to the world at the brink of it's f***ing end.
This is a solo project, my name is Cody Thoreson and I play and record all the tracks and instruments put into these songs.
Band/artist history
I've been playing music as long as I could remember. Back when I was a little ass kid in Pennsylvania, I used to sing alot and jam out on this little electric keyboard I had. I never had a definate taste in music back then. I kept doing what I was doing, although none of it was serious. In 4th grade I was handed a recorder and I was like "What t3h fuck?" but it just made me realize how much I love to play music. I picked up the recorder and in 5th grade I started seriously learning how to play the piano. In 7th grade, I joined the Jr. High school band and played Clarinet. I enjoyed doing anything with music and expanded my knowledge. In the middle of my 7th grade year, I picked up a guitar for the first time. In 8th grade my knowledge began to grow and I started playing percussion. Over time I learned how to play many other instruments as they came, just wanting to know more about music and the depths that it can go to. Now I perform with my high school band the Magnolia High School Sentinel Regiment. I also play this music, all of this metal shit, on my free time. I write anything from metal to classical to jazz. Music = Life.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live with other bands but I can't really play this stuff live. Kind of physically fucking impossible.
Your musical influences
I derive my musical influences from every fucking thing. My surroundings, my sights, my sounds, my smells. I've realized that most of my musical influences come from the people around me. My friends, family, my school mates, my enemies, anybody. My musical influence is my own will and desire to play music and to stretch the limits of what I can do. My influence is to blur the edges of genres and bring together a symphony that will leave a fucking crater on the world of music as we know it.
What equipment do you use?
As if I could afford it.
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