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Big City Thieves
Big City Thieves
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Big City Thieves consists of four strong musicians, who play music for music, and rock for rock.
All from the Peterborough Area, the band got together over a short period of time. Mike and Harrison first meeting on Myspace in September of 2006, found bassist Mat Fox from a response to their post on peterbroughscene.ca not long after. They soon connected with drummer Adam Parnell in early 2007 through a mutual friend's recommendations. Now since January, Big City Thieves has been based around four strong musicians who play music for music, and rock for rock; plus having just released a Demo (consisting of 4 tracks), the guys are planning on hitting the road very shortly capturing city by city, one at a time.
Your musical influences
Our Lady Peace U2 Stone Temple Pilots Alice in Chains Metallica Thrice The Tea Party Neil Young
What equipment do you use?
Mike Daly: Esp C400 double humbucker les paul shape into a Marshall MG100HDFX head and slanted cabinet. Harrison Fine: Gibson Firebird Studio into a Peavey XXX 120 watt tube combo with pedals including: Boss chorus, EQ, Wah, Marshall Jackhammer, Digitech Digiverb, Earnieball Volume, Line 6 DL4, MXR Smart Gate, Korg Tuner, and a EHX small stone.