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Crossbuck, CROSSBUCK, Gerard van Wee, Amersfoort, Downtown, They can't stop me now, Modern Business, No Answers, Water and Rest, The Matrix, The Mirror, Signs,
Do you like melodious alternative rock (or indie?) music; try listening to the music of CROSSBUCK. My name is Gerard van Wee, and I'm a singer/songwriter from Amersfoort in the Netherlands (Europe). In 2003, I started writing my own music. I mostly use my keyboard and my voice as an instrument, but in some songs, I also use a Harmonica. Please don't let the next comments stop you from listening to my music. Unfortunately, there is no proper drum, bass or guitar to support my music. The drums and bass in the songs were generated by my keyboard. This inevitably means that the music in its current form may still be somewhat bland. It still needs a good (i.e. better) rhythm section to beef it up a little. Nevertheless, I hope that the overall idea gets across to you. See also www.reverbnation.com/crossbuck, www.myspace.com/xbuck and www.crossbuck.tk. I have written a lot more (older and recent) songs for which I don't have any lyrics yet. So if there is anyone out there that is willing to write lyrics, ..... please contact me. In case you do like my music and/or you think that other people you know may (also) like my music, feel free to inform them and pass on the links to my music (www.myspace.com/xbuck or www.reverbnation.com/crossbuck). You can also actively become a fan and promote my music at Reverb Nation.
Band/artist history
I started writing songs early in 2003, and I am planning to continue for many years to come.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet.
Your musical influences
I'm not sure if my music has been influenced by any of the following artists, but I like to listen to RadioHead, Coldplay, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Neil Young, REM, The Curch, The Loud Family, The Sound, Adrian Borland, and Aqualung. I also like many women singers such as like Tori Amos, Susan Vega, Wendy MaHarry, and many others like them.
What equipment do you use?
Keyboard (Yamaha PSR9000), Mircophone (SennHeiser e825s), Harmonicas (Hohner: ProHarp/Special 20 and Huang: Star Performer), Mixer, PC (for recording purposes).
Anything else?
I have written more than 100 songs, but for a lot of them, I do not have any lyrics yet. If there is anyone out there willing to write lyrics for me, please let me know. You can contact me at gvweeNOSPAM@casema.nl (remove the NOSPAM).
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