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Barry Turner's solo project
Barry Turner's solo project
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bluesy alternative
music from the soul. Alternative rock with a hendrixy twist.
Band/artist history
After playing in a few bands through highschool i got to a point where i wanted to start writing my own songs and playing all of my own music, and thats how i got to this point.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
talking to a few places right now about gigs. until then, check out my myspace page where you can purchase all of my songs in mp3 format right off of my online music store www.myspace.com/comfortinyesterday p.s. if you have myspace send me an add request
Your musical influences
this could take a while, ahah. well, what first inspired me to pick up a guitar was nirvana, and from there i got into lots of bands such as the pixies and bush, you know, the usual. In the past 3 years i have become more musically diverse than ever before. Now i'm getting into things like John Mayer, Hendrix, and even some stuff by dr. dre, and definitely eminem.
What equipment do you use?
my guitar is a modified squire jag-master, i love it more than any guitar i have ever played. The modifications are top secret though. The main amp i'm using currently is a line 6 spider 2, which i am in love with. Bass is a silvertone, usually plugged directly into the mixing board. As for recording equipment, i use a line6 toneport ux2 into my laptop where i have adobe audition 2.0 as my main audio workstation. I guess that about sums it up
Anything else?
all of my music can be purchased via snocap off of my myspace page,which is at this link below www.myspace.com/comfortinyesterday
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