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Kreep (GA)
Kreep (GA)
14 Tracks
Kreep, Dramatized, E-Slim, Dirty South, Southern, GA, Georgia, Rap, Grhyme Paid Entertainment, 912, Statesboro, Stab-Town, Tha Boro, Southside, Southcoast, Sout
14 songs
Kreep is an underground rap act from tha slums of Statesboro, GA consisting of 4 rappers (Chris-Styles, Dirt Road, Trap, & Nat'ure Boi) and their proudcer, E-Slim. After recording a slew of underground tracks over their early years, tha group had a long stand-still point where hardly no activity went on and the group ceased nearly all activities concerning their musick because Nat'ure Boi was inprisoned. When this happened, Chris decided that while Nat'ure was doing time, he would set off by himself to do his solo album. It was a matter of pure fate that he met a 16 year old by the name of E-Slim, who was gaining a buzz around town from his beatmaking skillz. Tha young producer and Kreep created a chemistry that is now a life-long journey to deal with tha hardtimes they face and make a come up with their musick. Now, almost two years later, Nat'ure Boi has been released and is back with tha entire group in full force to put all tha hoods in tha 912 on tha map! Stab-Town Stand Up!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We did a few shows in some clubs on campus and opened up a show at APEX a while back and plan 2 do some mo soon
Your musical influences
8ball & MJG, Outkast, Pastor Troy, Ludacris, Camoflauge,
What equipment do you use?
We use computer software az well az a recording studio: FL Studio 6 XXL (E-Slim does ALL da beats on dat), Sound Forge 8 (for mastering our shit) and we record our vocals at Studio H owned by Lindsey Hall
Anything else?
We do it 4 tha 'Boro all day baby... Dramatized the album is commin' this summer in da '07!
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