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Dean Prescott (USA)
Dean Prescott (USA)
5 Tracks
12 and 6 string acoustic pop rock. Originals and a few covers
Someplace Else
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The Way I Think You See Me
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(Dropping Like) Flies
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I am a full time working performer/musician/songwriter. Started playing drums when I was around 10. Then started writing songs on guitar when I was 15. My first album, the worlds greatest hi- fi sounding album ever, "Dear Love..." (on cassette) was only heard by me and pots and pan drummer Brian Baker (RIP). Since then I've been in 3 bands. Saneathean Tomb from 1982/ 1985. The Spinning (1990-1991), and from 1996 to the present, The Substitutes. A rock trio that plays pretty much every weekend somewhere. The 3 of us sing. Me, guitar... Don Hoxie, Bass... Paul Eddy(who has a site here on myspace), plays drums. Through the years Ive written many many songs. I play all of the instruments on my solo albums, with the exception of a guest performer here and there. I have 5 "real" albums out............. Dean Prescott (2000) which is primarily acoustic.............. "Permutations" (2001), which is re-mixed, updated 4-track cassette recordings.............. "Wallpaper Music" (2002) A 15 song journey of eclectic pop/ rock................ "Homemade Hommage" ("Hommage" is the French spelling) (2005) which is songs by other artists that I play at my solo gigs.................... "Best Of" (2006) which contains all original songs I play at solo gigs............... Ive been to Europe many times. England, France, Wales, Belgium and Greece. I've played in Paris with the help of my French manager the great Herve Davoust after being persuaded by Caroline (My other half) to bring my guitar in 2004. I am now writing new songs for a new album. If you are interested in purchasing any of my albums please send me a message. I also have two albums at www.CDbaby.com.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live constantly. I've played in Europe. Love playing in Paris.
Your musical influences
The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Marc Bolan, the Church, Ravi Shankar, Neil Young, Pink Floyd to name just a few
What equipment do you use?
12 string, 6 string, bass and different percussion instruments
Anything else?
I play all the instruments and do all the singing.
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