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Purveyors of Quality Black Metal since 2006. Humourous content
The Horsedrawn Miscarriage
Peak in sub-genre #24
Peak in sub-genre #18
Greetings from the Dark Side of The Farce. We are Plaguesfire. We are responsible for some finely crafted black metal. We are here to stay. We are Matt, Paul, Andy, Martin and Batty. Welcome to our mad, bad world. Slip in and enjoy. Our motto - BURN STUFF.
Band/artist history
The tale begins as might any other Horror story... It was a dark and stormy evening, refuge was being sought in the black metal panzer mobil carrying its occupants to the Jolly Brewer an honest hostelry with an eclectic custom, and adopted home of this motley black metal loving crew. Discussion of starting a black metal band was heating up, new friendships had been forged, tying in with long held allegiance and music collaboration . Andy and Knut had recently met Martin and were playing with him in Death On Stilts/Leprechaun Buggery band. However, none of these 3 extremely talented young men could sing a note, and were wondering where they could find similarly minded folk with vocal talents. Grant had just arrived to Lincoln when he discovered the Lincoln inner circle in the shit hole which was Marthas, listening to some Mayhem, Darkthrone, Opeth, Emperor, Enslaved, Red Harvest and all other manner of blackness. As time and discussions progressed, Grant mentioned that he had done some singing in a home based band, the 3 realised with rueful smiles that another was added to the fold. Though the band was "complete" as such, not much was musically done. Grant had been given some guitar tutorials by Martin with the plan that he would sing and eventually be playing guitar. However, local metal legends Detonal State were playing in Nottingham one late autumns eve when Paul was briefed on the idea of a black metal band with a blast beat, and when asked if he was interested, the answer was a most assured Yes. All seemed to be nearly ready, but one further thing was missing. The Void was filled when Gemma was enlisted as the keyboard player, and everything was in place. From this day forth, the world never seemed the same. The birth of PlaguesFire was undeniable! The Band started getting together at Knut and Gemma's house, mostly talking, playing muffled music and discussing the future. Tentative practises began and things stared to take shape. For a start, the Dimmu Borgir track "In Deaths Embrace" was chosen as a song to be covered. This is the only material we have which is not original, and was used more to get something going rather than anything else. The band name was a real sticking point throughout the early months of the band. A fateful night in the Jolly Brewer proved decisive though. With many of the band scattered around the Country, and Knut and Andy in the local Hostelry (as is to be expected of these 2) an inspiration was soon to transpire. Influences and honours to the metal that fires the band formed into a solid idea in one members head. PlaguesFire was the exactly what everybody was waiting for. It was beamed around the Country and adopted for its honesty and description of what the band is and what it wants to achieve. Further work on riff ideas have led to good original material, with influences from all types of metal genres. More work has progressed and some sounds may be heard soon. The site will be updated here, and an official site may well be in the offing. These are early times, but with belief and commitment within the core of the individuals, the future is promisingly bleak. PlaguesFire have gotten probably the best rehearsal space in Lincoln, and have successfully added a second. What for you may ask? We want you to know and to feel the Black place within our Hearts. You will come to understand. A brief spell featuring Steve Cowan on Vokills proved quite interesting and fruitful as he is one of lincolns' talented few. Unfortunately for PlaguesFire he decided to concentrate on his own musical ventures including the excellent "Fear of Hatred" Hail Black Metal, Hail Musical fuelled Hatred. Hail PlaguesFire. The story continues... Part Two. The Regenesis. It's always sad as members get lives and move on to greater things but the impending movement of founder members of Plaguesfire Gemma and Knut has finally come to bear. They will always remain dear in the blackened hearts of the plaguesfire collective and their influence will truly out in the future and they will remain part of the plaguesfire experience until we go away. We are eternally grateful. However sad the passing, the regenesis of the band is completed with the addition of two long time friends and associates of plaguesfire, The dark lords of death Twisted Metal have volunteered two of their members to join the folds. Matt decided to complement his guitarage and vocalage and add keyboard to his list of mass talent. Batty came along and decided he wanted to bash things with sticks. Fair enough the remaining members of plaguesfire decried. Who were we to argue? We've relearnt all the older tracks bringing new dimensions to the stuff as Paul has now learned to play his guitar properly whilst completing the two peices started with the previous members (to be posted soon). The Horsedrawn Miscarriage and Dethroned are now complete and are added to the set list.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Wherever will have us.
Your musical influences
Too many to list, but most things metal and rock are above acceptable
What equipment do you use?
A lot. AMPS: Marshall, Line 6 pods, amps/cabs and effects, Trace Elliot, DRUMS: Mapex, zildjian, Meinl, Pearl Icon racks GUITARS: Maverick, Ibanez, B C Rich, Dean, ESP, Cort Yamaha keyboards
Anything else?
www.myspace.com/plaguesfired www.plaguesfire.co.uk These sites have more details and pics and all our music available for you to peruse at your own leisure