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EVP (Australia)
EVP (Australia)
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A fresh new Hip hop/rap group from Forster, N.S.W Australia, working towards there album Technician hopefully comeing out late september or december.
E.V.P is a homegrown crew from Forster, N.S.W, Australia, consisting of three members JB a.k.a Jims BBKing a.k.a Kurt Jester a.k.a Luke We live the hip hop lifestyle and are waiting for our chance to shine however brightly or dimmly. We came together over 2 years ago and have had our ups and downs with different members leaving the crew and new ones comeing. Though through all this we have come together and now have our eyes on the future.
Band/artist history
The crew has been through some changes in its time, from when it started with kurt and Lee just beatboxing on the street and Jims doing tribal designs for the crew to the now three man rap/hip hop group. The band was formed by beatboxing untill one night Kurt and Jims began to beatbox and freestyle rap, this led to the idea of making some songs. We began making songs with instrumentals made by other producers, this is when Jimmy Croman came onto the scene. We recorded our demo cd with 'sureshot recodings' and after that started doing some small gigs while working towards our album. our first attempt at the album was knocked back because we had made a new contact, saul. M. He showed us that we were not able to use the instrumentals we had because of copywright laws, this began our journey to make our own origional sound. Meeting with another local rapper while out on the street freestyling jester became a close friend to the crew and helped us alot. Not to far from the recording and producing of our origional album 'technician' some arguments occured and this resulted in jimmy leaving the crew and jester taking his place. After crafting another album worth of material and as we were about to head into 'sure shot recordings' to finaly get the album out we met another artist by the name of scott, who Kurt so nicknamed Rapz. He showed us how we could make our own studio and work on our music ourselves, he also featured is a few of our songs; Hight life, In the shit and more songs coming. We would like to thank all who have helped and supported us through this, BLAZE DESIGNS-jesse, SURE SHOT RECORDINGS-kev, MANAGER- I.Z, RAPZ a.k.a Scott from SZR, and all those who have had a hand in this crew we also want to show some respect for Jimmy.C and Lee
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do play live though we do not have many chances of late to get on stage. We love being on stage and having a crowd it's a rush for us. The most memorable moment would have to be our first time on a stage as a crew with Jester, Kurt and Jims. It was Jesters first time on stage and he tore it up even though it was a private party and we were performing on a small concreate stage.
Your musical influences
We have been influenced from many different artists and genres. We gather some influences from old school jazz and blues shown using Saxaphone and piano in our beats. We also gained alot of influence from mainstream artists when first starting out, I (jims) know that i wouldn't of gotten so into rap had it not been for 50 cent ect. but now I must say bliss N' eso hold alot of inspiration to me nowdays.
What equipment do you use?
We run our studio through the computer and use a speedio sound card/MIDI interface, a RODE NT1-A condenser microphone, a CASIO keyboard/synth, for editing we use Q-base and for our instrumentals we either buy them of other producers or make them ourselves from scratch using Kurts gutar playing ablities and JB's saxophone/claranete capabilities.
Anything else?
We are looking to have the album out in september or december some time, hopfully if we can get beats worked out and if were happy with all the tracks. We would just like to thank again all those who have helped us through the years, it has made all the difference
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