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Erik Hanson Band
Erik Hanson Band
2 Tracks
Hard Rock, Progressive, Metal, Rock, Alternative, Guitar, EZDrummer
This is a page toi plug my Demo CD coming out this summer. I make all the songs myself, playing guitar and bass and using EZDrummer to make realistic drum sounds. I usually have guest vocalists.
Band/artist history
Erik Hanson came into this world in the small Vermont town of Milton, VT. Within months, his family packed up and moved to the promising town of Williston where he and his family have lived there ever since. This is where Erik grew up and was first introduced to the sweet sounds of music. Erik received his first musical instrument, a harmonica, for his 2nd birthday. At age three he was given a small keyboard and he was off and running. By age 7 Erik was taking private piano lessons and shortly thereafter he gas given a snare drum to bang on. At age 9 Erik started playing saxophone and drum set. The summer before 5th grade Erik attended the Perkins Summer Camp and took his first lessons on acoustic guitar. He received his first electric guitar and amplifier around this same time. Throughout middle and high school Erik continued attending musical summer camps including a Jazz Camp for saxophone and a week long Guitar Session at the world famous Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. In high school Erik became interested in recording music and started acquiring recording gear. Through his years Erik has played both guitar and saxophone in many bands, including the CVU Jazz Band, Modern Theory, Chasing Yesterday and most recently his band at the University of New Haven, which is currently nameless while they search for a vocalist. Currently, Erik is a Music Industry Major with a focus in Music and Sound recording at the University of New Haven. In his free time he likes to play loud and rock his face off in his dorm room...unless his roommate is sleeping. Erik continually works on solo compositions on both acoustic and electric guitar, some of which can be heard on the Music page of this site. Stay tuned for more work from him and his band. He also loves his Chelsea very, very much!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No gigs, just a one-man-show Demo in the works.
Your musical influences
Breaking Benjamin, Dream Theater, Chevelle, Muse, Alter Bridge, etc...
What equipment do you use?
Ibanez SZ520 Roland Cube 30 EZDrummer Cubase 4 Software
Anything else?
Feel free to talk to me via email, erikhopwood@comcast.net, I love hearing from people who like my music, and I also like getting comments and suggestions on my work.