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Fawn Megan
Fawn Megan
6 Tracks
Unsigned talent, social butterfly, ready for anything, up for fun, willing to take criticism, determined, focused, new, original, confident, lovable, talkative,
Hey everybody. The name is Fawn Megan. I finally decided to put some of my music up on soundclick. It's been up on Myspace for a while now (myspace.com/fawnmegan) but i felt it was time to put it up on the site that made it all possible. The lyrics I put up on here is written by me but the instrumentals are provided by other artists. I feel like I'm growing as an artist but I also feel like I have a long way to go. I just started recording this past year with no vocal training other then the high school choir for 2 years. Hopefully you'll like what you hear and have some feedback for me :)
Band/artist history
I was born in San Diego, California on the 12 of November in 1988. Grew up around my extended family from both sides and learned to love music just as much as they did. I remember sneaking out of bed to hear my Aunts and Uncles practicing with my parents in the living for church the next day. My Father would sing my two lovely sisters and me to sleep almost every night and my mother would read to us on the other nights. It was a memorable childhood. Surrounded with talent I learned to sing for church and enjoy every minute of it. Ever since I was young I wanted to be an entertainer. Around the age of 9 I moved to Oregon where I live now. Even away from familiarity I was immediately drawn to anything musical. I never learned any instruments but that's about to change in the next year. Beejan Iranshad a very close friend and fellow artist of mine started recording in his own room a few years back and inspired me to start doing so also. He convinced me to try writing music seriously and offered me conversation that stimulated me as an artist. After being asked to sing a hook on a close friends track I was invited back to 5 Mics Studio to start my own project. That is when I dug out all the old and new journals to start recording. Everything you hear has been done within the year and is beginner and most. I put it up in hopes to have people with more experience lend me knowledge and help with my growth as an artist. I want to go somewhere with the talent that has been given to me, but I know in this industry you can rarely do it alone.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I sing for church events and anytime the college I go to asks me to perform. Mainly I sing for church and religious events. I remember when I sang for a variety show and won 100 bucks with the first song I ever written. It was an amazing moment.
Your musical influences
Lauryn Hill, Ciara, JoJo, Christina A, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Gym Class Heroes, Keisha Cole, Destinys Child, Beyonce, Christina Milian, Mya, Whitney Houston, Nelly Furtado, Rachael Lampa, Out of Eden, Point of Grace, and many more
What equipment do you use?
USB 122 and Cubase
Anything else?
hmmmmmm...I'm very social and love to meet new people to bounce ideas off of.
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