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Lee Howard -Bath-
Lee Howard -Bath-
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Shape of the Modern Mind and Sunlight available on itunes, googleplay, amazon, spotify.... Check out mypage on YouTube and ReverbNation.
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Im an independent musician and songwriter and I compose and record these songs in my spare time. I take on many roles in this process including lyricist, vocalist, programmer, engineer, mixer, producer, promotor and more recently video creator. I live in Bath, England (birthplace of Tears for Fears) with my wife and two children and for a real job I teach Mathematics to 11 to 18 year olds. My basic recording set up consists of a PC, music software, a few guitars, microphones and various other instruments that I also put my hand to. When I write music, I dont consciously stick to any particular style although the songs invariably end up sounding like a mixture of the artists that Im influenced by. Where possible, I like to include layers of guitar tracks, some very subtle, with the aim of blending them into one sound. Creating music is my hobby, but I am keen to promote my music and I would greatly appreciate any help you are able to offer. Ways you can help: Subscribe to my YouTube channel, like my Facebook page or become a fan on my ReverbNation page, Share links to my songs, videos or pages on your social media. Many thanks and stay safe. Lee
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Crowded House, Marillion, Chic, The Verve, U2, Doves, The Police, Simple Minds, Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, Air, Pink Floyd, Love and Money, Keane, Tears for fears
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