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Infinite Skillz (Virginia)
Infinite Skillz (Virginia)
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Infinite Skillz - Bringing A Message To The Party And Some Fun To The Thinkers.
Talk Of The Town
1. Swoon Music 2. Poetry In Motion 3. Good Music (Chill Time) 4. Mans World 5. Remember When 6. Fire *Bonus Instrumental* 7. Diamond Ring *Bonus Track* 8. Give It All Away Hip Hop Reborn. Infinite Skillz is lyrical purity and word-play mated with present day consciousness. If you like Skillz (formerly known as Mad Skillz), KRS ONE, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Gangstarr, Jurassic Five, or The Roots, you'll love Infinite. He is the organizing member of B.A.S.E INC out of the Hip Hop hotbed known as Virginia. Infinite Skillz started in an Atlanta based crew called Unparalleled Sound (UPS). The four-man consortium met while attending college at various institutions in the Atlanta University Center. He and the rest of UPS went their separate ways after graduation. With the Hip Hop bug firmly implanted, Infinite left Atlanta after graduating from Morehouse College and moved to a small town named Searcy in North Central Arkansas for grad school. The lack of social stimulation and/or progress inspired Infinite to finish his 2-year program in 16 months. With school (and Arkansas thankfully) behind him, that drive is now being channeled into his many hustles. Music is one of them.
Band/artist history
B.A.S.E. Inc is F.a.T (www.soundclick.com/fat) & Infinite Skillz. Both artists claim Virginia as their home and have been friends for more than a decade. Infinite Skillz is the organizing force of the group. He created it originally with Killa D, an emcee from Infinite's hometown city of Woodbridge. Killa D has moved on to his law career and now serves as one of B.A.S.E. Inc's main legal advisors. After creating a considerable buzz individually, B.A.S.E Inc is now in the early stages of creating a group album. For a full bio, go to www.baseincmusic.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes and I love being on stage. For show information go to www.baseincmusic.com and click on the SHOW SCHEDULE link on the left.
Your musical influences
Everything I have ever heard is an influence because it all enters my conscious and/or subconsconscious thoughts. KRS One, Mad Skillz, GangStarr, Jurassic 5, Run DMC, Big L, Redman, Notorius B.I.G., Moon and Myst(from UnParalleled Sound).
What equipment do you use?
AKG Condenser Mic, MXL 990 Condenser Mic, Radio Shack Unidirectional Dynamic Mic, Allen & Heath USB Compatible Mixer, Cakewalk Producer Edition, Adobe Live Audition, pen, composition books, Microsoft Word, and a human mind
Anything else?
Contact us at baseinc@gmail.com for booking or merchandise not found at www.baseincmusic.com
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