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Haven (smbr)
Haven (smbr)
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An Alternative Band with a large sound. Songs vary throughout the musical spectrum, from Emotional Power Ballads like 'If I...' and 'Sacrifice' to Angst Ridden
Haven is an alternative rock band consisting of; Melissa (vocals, lead guitar, piano) Bronwynn (guitar), Samantha (drums) and Richard (bass). Haven has an array of original heavy alternative rock songs and emotional power ballads. Their sound cannot be rooted to one main stream.
Band/artist history
Haven started in the spring of 2005 as a three piece garage band. With their creative forces in motion, the band worked on developing their own original songs. Goodnight Goodbye, an early favorite of the band was written in 5 minutes. Bronwynn switched over to rhythm guitar and the band was looking for a bassist. It was at this time the band had a chance meeting with a local producer who was impressed by what he heard when he walked by the garage while the band was practicing. Matt, the producer, invited them to his studio and offered to produce a Demo for the band when they were ready. Soon after they picked up their new bassist Richard, Samanthas brother. With 5 of their songs chosen the band booked time in the studio during the Christmas break 2005. After a number of days, and a lot of hard work they cranked out their first demo/ep; MIDNIGHT. Haven went to City Jam 2006, a talent search organized by the City of Surrey and after three nights they came in first for the bands. Haven won five hours of recording time, and were accepted to play Youth Fest at the Cloverdale Amphitheater. Haven has written a mass of original material and has been in the recording studio 4 times where they have recorded 14 of their songs. All of Havens members have been schooled in music for some time. For instance, Melissa has been involved in guitar lessons for 6 years and is currently studying vocals with Brennan Barrett. Within the past year Haven have added piano to a number of their songs. Recently the band was filmed and shown throughout January on Delta Cable's Spotlight program. In February Haven performed 2 nearly sold out shows at the Surrey Arts Center, a 500 seat performance theater. Haven has finished up their last demo/ep "INSIDE. You will find 3 of the songs from Inside on their myspace. Haven headlined their own show on Feb 24 at the Fleetwood Rec. Center. A review of the show and a feature article on Haven is in the March 07 "YOUTHINK" magazine. The band is currently working on some new recordings at Ogre Studios (based in Vancouver). These new recordings have finished preproduction and when they are done will feature string arrangements. Havens influences include , Breaking Benjamin, 3 Days Grace, and Evanescence among others. Haven is now the first place winner of CITY JAM 07. Haven can be contacted through their email at havenband@dccnet.com and their web at myspace.com/havensmb
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Playing around the Greater Vancouver Area. Mainly in Surrey at anything from the Community Ferstivals to fundraisers like Band Aid or Just Rocking it out at General Shows and Competitions like City Jam, of which they are the 07 Winner.
Your musical influences
Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Sick Puppies, Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, Goo Goo Dolls, Saliva, Theory of a Deadman, Korn, Hedley, HIM, Meatloaf and Moulin Rouge.
What equipment do you use?
Marshall, Line 6 amps; Ibanez and Daisy Rock Guitars, Yamaha Drums and Keyboard/Piano. Planet Wave Cables. And D'Arrio and Enrie Ball Strings.
Anything else?
Upcoming things: -Rumour has it, HAVEN will be having a weekly comic coming our soon! -Haven is playing ONE3 in Surrey, May 25th @ 7:30pm. Check Myspace account for more details. RELATED SITES. -www.myspace.com/havensmb http://www.freewebs.com/havengroupies/index.htm