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The National Shutup
The National Shutup
6 Tracks
Pop Punk for the people! We give energy to the stage! Check us out and hang out and chill out etc.
The National Shutup is a 4 piece band, Kasper, Peter, Steven and Dan. Listen to our new demo and tell us what you think!
Band/artist history
The whole thing started back in the 8Th grade, where Kasper and Peter met for the first time. They soon realized that they shared a common musical interest; they both listened to bands such as Blink 182, Sum 41 and Green Day. The 2 young boys quickly came to the conclusion that if they ever were to get any girls at all, they had to form their own band! What they didnt immediatley come to realize, was that this was a pretty hard task, when neither Peter nor Kasper could play any instruments at all This terrifying fact didnt discourage Kasper and Peter so despite their musical disabilities, they soon hooked up with another friend called Sebastian who had been playing drums for a few years. The three guys joined forces and started a band called Sex For Første Gang (Sex For The First Time). Kasper and Peter soon figured out how to play a few songs on guitar and bass, and soon the 3 guys were playing a few very small shows around the town where they lived; the girls werent there yet. At this stage the band already had spent quite a lot of money (that they didnt have) on amps and equipment, so they figured it would be pretty god damn dumb to stop now. After being a power-trio for a while, they found out that Steven, a friend of Sebastians, was the one who could add new strength to the band. Steven joined the band with his guitar only a week before they were to play, for the second time, in the local music festival. Steven learned all the songs before they hit stage, and Steven kicked so much ass that it was settled, Steven was in! A few new songs were added to the set list, and the energy between the 4 guys was great, BUT! Suddenly one day the drummer Sebastian handed in his notice and said he wouldnt be playing in the band any more. This left Steven, Kasper and Peter without a complete band. They tried to record some demos, but it was as if it just didnt work without the fourth element. They did all they could to find a new drummer, but it proved difficult to find the right one, to fit the band. It became very hard to keep up the spirit, and the band, and the dreams were set on hold. A lot of tears were shed and serious ideas about moving to another town where there probably were more drummers were suggested, but none of it got that far and the band slowly dissolved Kasper and Peter tried to start other bands but with no luck, it only lead to a few demos under the band name Fireboys, witch actually was well taken different places, but the complete band was still missing. Then suddenly one day Peter and Kasper developed contact with the perfect drummer named Dan who was more than ready to start a band with them. Now all they needed was the last guitarist. So they contacted Steven again and asked him if he would like to join a new band witch would be called The National Shutup. Steven said yes With the 4 aces together, its now time for The National Shutup to deliver their songs about lost dreams, broken hearts, and summer nights with your best friends and how it feels to hold hands with a certain girl and just feel like you are the luckiest boy in the world And who knows, the story will hopefully not end here
Have you performed in front of an audience?
As much as we can! Favorite moment was when we won the VUMF.dk competition!
Your musical influences
A mix og Pop Punk, and Rock. With a hint of emo also along the way!
What equipment do you use?
Coming soon!
Anything else?
We love you!
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