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The Deadly Mindgrind
The Deadly Mindgrind
11 Tracks
Heavy Groove Metal for That Fed up Guy!
This band is determined to make their dent in the metal community with their blend of heavy, groovy, funky, flashy rythms that will get ypour gramma slammin'!! "The Deadly One"-Eddy Brown-Voice Dan McDonell-Shrill Stringz Mike "Notar"-Heavey Stringz Scott Hasset- Chest Rumbles Eric Johnson- Jackhammer
Band/artist history
In 1996, Eddy Brown and Dan McDonell got together and began laying down the foundation for what would later become known as the band The Deadly Mindgrind. While writting lyrics and composing the music for this project, the lineup changes delayed a solid ensemble. The band completed its lineup in 2002 and began to play the local circuit. The result was music that was hard hitting and catchy. The music held the influence of a heavier style of metal only with a splash of groove, a hint of hip-hop-stir briskly and top it off with deranged funk. These influences can be heard on songs Parade the Clown and Get In Gear. Line up changes occurred once again in early 2003 just as the band was picking up momentum. While in "Idol" mode, the band was able to recruit their current mosh meister Mike Notar. Brown, McDonell and Notar all grew up together so the chemistry was perfect. With Notar now in the band, the two guitarists were able to develope heavier material to add to the bands sound. Spring 2004, enter drummer Eric Johnson-a heavy drummer with solid fills and technical drum playing that helped to sculpt the rigid sound of the band. All that was needed was some deep low end to finish the bands lineup. Bassist Scott Hasset was pefect for the job as his rumble adds the final touch to what Buffalo has come to know as The Deadly Mindgrind. With the revolving door of band personnel now out of the way, a nice handful of shows under their belts(including opening up for some heavy national heroes of theirs), The band is determined to make their dent in the metal community with their blend of heavy, groovy, funky, flashy rythms that will get your gramma slammin'!! go to these sites for more interesting things!http://myspace.com/evildeaded myspace.com/thedeadest myspace.com/shchasm http://www.garageband.com/artist/deadlyone(check out my bands-The Deadly Mindgrind and Paydirt) http://evildeaded.hi5.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We've played live for years. It's the best High ever! Special moments before during and after the show!
Your musical influences
Blues- Rock -Metal -Rap -Groove- Industrial- Pop- Alternative Underground NOIZE!
What equipment do you use?
Senheissen -Peavy -Jbl -Line_6-Marshall-Tama
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