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MF Kitten
MF Kitten
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groovy, heavy, athmospheric, moody, ambient
I dont really know what to call my kind of music. its usually within metal, and its usually riffy with grooves and stuff. ive always been obsessed with getting lots of athmosphere and stuff in my songs to make it full of moods and emotions etc.
Band/artist history
ive played in a few bands over the years, but theres not much to talk about to be honest. i recently quit the band i was in, and im focusing on my own thing. im going to put together an album.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I dont play live nowadays, simply because im not in a band. there has been a bunch of insane moments when playing live though.
Your musical influences
tons of musical influences, electronica/ambient and metal etc etc. im a huge fan of Meshuggah, and i love the genres that have sort of spawned as a result of their music. bands like Periphery/Bulb, Tesseract, all the way to SikTh, Textures, all of that. as far as electronica goes, ive always loved Aphex Twin type stuff, and lately ive enjoyed NIN alot.
What equipment do you use?
Line 6 Pod X3 Live, Agile, Ibanez, Vintage and Schehcter guitars. also Mike Sherman made a neck for one of my guitars. i have a Samson stereo power amp to power my Pod, and i run it int a Rivera 2X12 cab with V30s in stereo. i then simultaneously run the signal into a Hartke 2X10 bass amp :D ive barely ever played my live rig though, as i dont really play live with it as i had originally planed... because i dont have a band to use it with (with my other band i use a tube amp...)
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