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Blueprint Entertainment Music Group
HipHop/R&B/ (Try to inbrace innovation and reject convention)
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Thaa Fhallen Gloss Promo
Lean Back Promo,Mixtape
This was done when lean back was all over the radio. I know its old........lol, don't be mad. Vocals mixed and recorded by me.......at you guessed it.......Home Lab Studios........still workin on gettin in the real booth.....ha.
This one was done bout 3yrs ago, Hope yall like it, the mix isn't all that great but still decent. Recorded and Mixed by me, at Home Lab Studio's...........lol
Shake That
Promo only, not my beat but rhymed ova.....yessssss. Vocals myself and D.J. E.R, Mixed at the home lab by myself and D.J.E.R Done about 4yrs ago.
Blueprint Dj's Promo.
Just a little somethin' I put together....Big up to D.J. E.R. and myself......whooooo,hooooo...The beat was produced by Epik Tha Grinch....sratching done by me, vocals scratched are me also.......thanks for listening. Mixed and recorded at Home Lab
About six years ago I really got in to producin' beats and makin' songs. I've always been into performin' and being on stage as a bboy/dancer goin' on 15-16yrs now (props to the og's). I guess I started the way alot of Rappers start, first they D.J. or Breakdance, then they get into Music production and Rap. Everything you hear is written,produced,arranged and directed by us. We have been influenced by just about, every music genre on the planet. And I mean everything, from Country to Hip-Hop to Rock, trance, R&B....EVERYTHING. Hope you enjoy the music. REST IN PEACE B-BOY OJAY. I KNOW YA LOOKIN' DOWN ON US
Band/artist history
In due time, toooooo long......lol
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sometimes, I would love to do it more often, but in due time.
Your musical influences
Wow, everything under the sun......really everything. Too many to list.
What equipment do you use?
Pc based, I record with Adobe Audition, I sequence with FLstudio and Reason, I use Vestax Pdx 2000's with a Vestax 05 pro, also Technique 1210's/1200's. For live sound I use Mackie speakers, and I'm still learning what works best.
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Scope of things
Barbarian / Young M.A Type Beat (2 For 1)
Richh (Buy 1 Get 4 FREE)
Exit Wounds. (5 UNLIMITED FOR $35 SALE)