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Soulful R&B Brotha
Dont' Break Apart
Peak in sub-genre #93
Born in North Carolina on December 26, 1986, Earlie Rook, (Jai) was raised along with his younger brother Jermaine Rook by his father and mother, Earlie Sr & Marcella Rook. His mother and father both raised their sons within a church filled with faith, Cool Spring Missionary Baptist Church. At this church, Jais father and younger brother served as the drummer for the choirs. Most of Jais fathers family is musically inclined. He had aunts who composed music, sang, directed choirs, played instruments, and danced. He too had uncles who could play several instruments and sing. In this church, Jai sang in two different choirs, youth/junior & the mass choir. He was also the director of the youth/junior choir. As early as the age of 3 years old, Jai knew that God had blessed him with an unusual & inspiring talent. Being able to sing in a choir and hold tunes was very unique for a toddler. He could remember the words & the correct note just singing it acapella. When Jai arrived to junior high school, he began entering local talent shows. Every performance he had was very successful. At the age of 16, Jai created his first demo entitled, This Is Me. This demo consisted of 5 songs that he had written since the age of 14. It was reviewed by individuals amongst the communities. Personal opinions from the demo were great. This demo was never sent to label companies for reviews because Jai dream was beginning to crash. At this age, he was experiencing puberty which resulted in a whole lot of things which he thought could hinder his dream of becoming that INSPIRING star. After taking in such encouraging words and advice from his family, friends, and school teachers, he began to realize that his talent wasnt completely demolished, and he had a whole life ahead of him to inspire people with is gorgeous voice. This resulted in Jai working on his 2nd demo. During the summer of 2005, after graduation from high school, Jais 2nd demo entitled Only One Me consisted of 9 tracks which all 9 of them he produced himself. The demo featured one rapper and a bonus track that was a collaboration with another rapper who resided in Ohio. The demo was handed out to individuals within his hometown and to students on his college campus (North Carolina A&T State University). This demo was also a success! It allowed Jai to received honest opinions about his demo; as a result, he created a website for fans to listen to his music and to receive updates on him.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Jai performs live. He performs at clubs, jazz bars, churches, weddings, and other engagments.
Your musical influences
Some of Jai's musical influences would be his favorite female singer, Monica. He adores Monica's appearence and style. He also admires Fantasia, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and Kelly Price. Those divas sing from the soul....soulful singers. Some of the male artists he admires are, RL (from next), Usher, Brian McKnight, Sammie, Sisqo, Gerald Levert, & Clarenzo(one of soundclick's finest)
Anything else?
6.31.06 - Jai was introduce to Divine Purpose Rec. 12.26.06- Jai "20th" B.day (Creation of Name) 3.08.07 - Photoshoot for webpage 3.09.07 - Photoshoot for Project's Cover 3.15.07 - Jai performed open mic @ Alexader Deveraux 4.11.07 - Jai performed @ Aggie Fest's Talent Show 4.12.07 - Jai will performed @ Aggie Fest's Open Mic