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Killer Sheep
Killer Sheep
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Killer Sheep Improvisational Music. Tapping the stream (of Consciousness)
Good Times Bad Times
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Gray to White
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Sun Blockers
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Killer Sheep Improvisational Progressive, Stream of Consciousness Music.
Band/artist history
Killer Sheep Biography: Matt Stands: guitar, vocals, lyrics. Jim Fink: bass, harmonica, vocals, lyrics Killer Sheep was formed in 2002 when Jim and Matt met at an open microphone session at The Hub in Colton. From the outset, the bands focus has been on original music, as both Matt (lead-rhythm guitar) and Jim ( bass) write poetry, lyrics, and music. These artists craft a sound all their own, a diverse and original sound that transcends age and genre.The band has played at a number of local (Inland Empire, Southern California) venues and events, including The Hub in Colton, Java N Juice in Riverside, The Crossroads in Yucaipa, Worthingtons Tavern in Riverside, Muscle Mikes in Redlands, Slicks Billiards in Norco, Rockin Java in Moreno Valley, The Jazzy Bean Coffee House in Lake Elsinore, Madlins Coffee House in Temecula, Greenfest 2003 in Idyllwild, The Great Tractor race of 2004 in Temecula, The New Coffee Depot in Riverside, The Music Room in San Bernardino, The Beatnik Cafe in Joshua Tree, Greenfest 2006 in Palm Desert, Gram Fest 2005 and 2006 (a.k.a. The Cosmic American Music Festival)& Chuckwall festival June 2007. With many years of combined musical experience, the bands focus is on achieving success in the music industry. Killer Sheep offers something fresh and original, a truly unique musical experience.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Playing live is one of the greatest feeling one can have,and we truly enjoy it. However we are currently creating this Improvisational Progressive, Stream of Consciousness Music in a studio setting and we have found that once we found our way into "The Stream of Consciousness" style of creating music we prefer to continue to stay in the stream. Freestyle has opened us up to a new realm & We are enjoying it too much at this time to bother practicing and repeating songs, It is way more rewarding to us to just continue creating new music, new material every time we play.
Your musical influences
Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, King Crimson, Yes Emerson Lake & Palmer, Doors, Beatles, mostly all the music from the 70s
What equipment do you use?
Whatever our new sponsor supplies us. (Not to be a name dropper) I have a blond (on blond) Rickenbacker from the 70's 1600 watt Ampeg pushing 2 18" black widow's
Anything else?
https://myspace.com/killersheeprock/music/albums https://myspace.com/jimifromchicago https://myspace.com/mattstands https://myspace.com/436369001 A lot of our music is posted on these 4 sights Myspace limits us to 50 uploads so this is why there are 4 sights so we could post close to 200 songs. http://www.arkade.com/Mr_Beederboppers_Airtight_records http://www.myspace.com/rickysinatra
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