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Torture Garden
Torture Garden
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Torture Garden see dying people wracked by guilt on slick machines. They see flesh riddled with religion, the disease of enfeebled dreams. They see a police pig
Everything Is Grey (Smallpox On The Blanket)
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If You Don't Have Anything Positive To Say...
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Kosher Holocaust
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Nature spent 4.57 billion years perfecting its design for future Torture Gardeners Adam and Matt Ford, before inhuman society added twenty-five and twenty-one years of development respectively. As you can hear, all this effort has been worth it, and the poisoned fruits of that labour are available for your enjoyment/endurance. Adam Ford was born in 1981, thrust into a war zone that goes by the name of Birkenhead, Merseyside, where his army was taking a pounding from the enemys elite commandos. Unhappily, the villainous foes propaganda machine gradually convinced Adam that there was no war at all, so for the first eighteen years of his life it seemed like the disease and destruction that seemed to follow him around was somehow caused by the young man himself. The situation grew so bad that our shellshocked soldier wanted to remove his malignant influence from the gene pool, but at just the right time to save his skin, he saw the tiniest sliver of light in his perpetually darkened world: twas not he who was sick, twas society. Since then, Adam has devoted much of his time to awakening his comatose fellow combatants. Unfortunately, they are taking far too long to come round. This makes him sad, angry and more than occasionally despondent, so these are the emotions he pours into his lyrics and vocals. Matt Ford likes music. A lot. And hes amazingly talented at creating it, using a wide variety of instruments. Not surprisingly - since he shares 50% of his brothers deoxyribonucleic acid, and was forced into a world that was four years worse if anything - he experiences many of the same sensations. He harnesses these bad vibrations, and uses them to fashion soundwaves, which can be intercepted by your ears and understood by your brain. You may find yourself nodding in response. Torture Garden see dying people wracked by guilt on slick machines. They see flesh riddled with religion, the disease of enfeebled dreams. They see a police pig in every head, who stands guard over stifled screams. Their demons will never pardon, so their Eden was born a torture garden. So was yours.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We haven't played live yet, because we're recording our demo - Rotisserie Of Pain - first. Then we plan to recruit other band members and start playing.
Your musical influences
We have quite a wide variety of musical influences, which extends to every note of music ever recorded. We're into black metal, thrash metal, doom metal, power metal, classic metal, industrial metal and even some nu metal (which is quite old now). But we also like trip-hop, some eighties and nineties indie, loads of grunge, and punk and a little bit of rap. I've probably missed some out. A big moment was when we first heard doom metal bands like My Dying Bride and Anathema in 2002.
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