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Comradz Linkin Intentionally Combinin Kinetically
Comradz Linkin Intentionally Combinin Kinetically
1 Track
Furious and Boss combine to create C*L*I*C*K*, we represent oldschool hiphop and we are tryin to get on.....
C*L*I*C*K*....is broken down mentally and physically....there are 4 members, 2 which are serious about this rapp shyt.......1-Furious aka FuryAllah Tha Godd........and 2-B.O.S.S. which means Bodyin Opponents Strictly 4 Survival. , we have plans to ignite tha ressurection of tha olskool revolution.....1
Band/artist history
i started rappin when i was in grade 8, and started pushin mixtapes in highskool for 5 beanz, i made 9 mixtapes, i took on a student, now hes as good as me, then i learned how to make beatz, now im tryin to get on with tha 10 mixtape....called (C*L*I*C*K* - Ciphah)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i'll play live if tha oppertunity comes our way, i freestyle at partys n shyt, captivate tha crowds majority
Your musical influences
basically anything that was innovative...anyone from tha late 80's n 90's, wutang, marley marl, cnn, nas, pac, big, az, KANE, rakim dmx, mobb deep, the juice crew, i can go on n on yo
What equipment do you use?
a mic, micscreen, cool edit
Anything else?
if any oldskool style producers or anyone wanna get at me, Furyallah@hotmail.com.....lets ressurect tha essence together yo......1