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J Formz
J Formz
128 Tracks
From the North Shore of Staten, NYC. I use free beats, write, record, and mix all my own stuff. Not in this for fame or money, enjoy the music for free...
from the north shore of staten island, nyc...started doin music in 04...was in a group called ghostown, dropped 2 mixtapes, had sum succes...group split, i went solo... went to IAR (institute of Audio Research) and opened up my own home studio...the business of music made me lose all interest completely in the art...sold all my equipment n went on an 8 year hiatus...my house burnt down n random people out of nowhere started requesting a new cd...wen u have a gift n u dont use it u r being disrespectful to urself n every1 around who appreciates it, as well as the art itself...i went out, bought all new equipment, n made a new cd in about 3 months...had to relearn everything all over on new programs n equipment, so the mixing isnt as on point as it could b, as im missing sum plug ins still...but ud b hard pressed to find another rapper who could make an overall better album than me from lyrics, to the songs themselves by just being thrown in a basement wit a mic, a laptop, n sum speakers...i record n produce myself, come up wit all song concepts, lyrics, n samples myself...1 day the world will catch up to me, hopefully im still around to witness it...
Band/artist history
Been played consistantly on CSI's only hip hop show hosted by Emillio Sparks on Tuesday Nights, 88.9...Performed at the above places, and had records spun in alot of clubs like h2, Acqua and all the places I performed in...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not much into doin shows anymore, but I've performed in Wild Spirit, Club Pyramid, and Remote Lounge in NYC. Illusions, The Clubhouse, The Wreckroom, X Factor and probly some other places in S.I. I don't really like performin much cause unless you Jay Z or somethin people tell you their feelin you, but they are just there for their people so its a bunch of bullshit that i aint into...
Your musical influences
i mean everybody from 80s rappers, up to j cole today have influenced me...but i c it as Eminem #1 n Joe Budden #2...after that its a distant 3rd of people who can b swapped in n out, so those 2 r my main influences for sure...
What equipment do you use?
couldnt really even tell u, dont pay much attention to shit like that...i no i have protools, sum studio moniter speakers, a decent mic, and an apple computer i run everything off...
Anything else?
my music is the type of shit u have to actually listen to...for the very few people that do understand good deep shit like a joe budden for example would probably love my music...its real, comes from the heart, n is given alot of effort...just for the handful of times people have had my music touch them or help them in any way has made it worth it for me...i came back to leave sumthing behind wen im gone...1 day they will understand me, i just hope im around to witness it...
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