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Darkly melodic Heavy Rock with Metallic overtones!!!! You HAVE been WArNeD!!!
Check out NOVEMBER!! Forthcoming CD (BLOOD$MONEY) Leaner, Meaner, Darker,heavier! Must be seen to be believed!!
Band/artist history
About November NOVEMBER IS BACK!!! After a four year search for a guitarist we welcome Nashville great, Jonathan Brock (Celinda Pink / Flatt Fish KadillaK), to the fold! With a darker, heavier, more ominous sound NOVEMBER is in position to pick up where we left off!!! With founding member Blane Gilbert (Drums) and long time vocalist Wyatt Anderson and bassist Ken Arnold. The band is putting the finishing touch on their forthcoming C.D. "Blood $ Money". The title track demo is receiving worldwide airplay through traditional and inter-net radio with glowing reviews!!! Having never been one to follow the latest flavor of the month. The band is still forging ahead with their metallic sound!!! Encompassing all forms of Heavy Rock and METAL to create their own wildly original form of Metal! Formerly signed in the U.K. with a worldwide release (Welcome to the ReVoLuTioN) (HNRCD006) on the now defunct Hengest Records. Once again the band find themselves at the forefront of the "Latest Wave of Heavy Metal" With the screaming guitars of Jonathan Brock, the soaring vocals of Wyatt Anderson (The ScreamING DAEMON!) and the thunderous rhythm section of Blane Gilbert, andKen Arnold!!! This band stands ready to pillage and plunder the world's starving METAL MASSES!!! One more time, we "Welcome you to the "ReVoLuTioN"!!! You've been warned! ARE YOU READY?!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes!! All over!!! Every single time we're on stage is special!!!
Your musical influences
Deep Purple,Sabbbath,Zeppelin,Van Halen (DLR ERA) Sound Garden, Dio,Rainbow, Primal Fear etc.
What equipment do you use?
Ludwig Drums, Marshall amps, Ampeg amps, Pro Tools TDM, Shure mics. Zildjian & Sabian Cymbals, Fender gtrs. etc.
Anything else?
Check out these reviews on our song "Evil" from GARAGEBAND.COM: REVIEW 1: Melodic Mcnasty!!! These guys put out a new heavy metal vibe, while at the same time drawing from past roots aka some good ol DIO lyric stylings!!! Other than lyrically, the music seems heavy, deep and flowing. Hence, LOUD MeTaL! IN YO FACE!!!!!! Reviewed by: Incarta from Hell, Michigan - REVIEW 2: I like it!!! Good performances of all the members of the band, I enjoyed guitars the most thanks to the cool riffs and the leads, and the vocals, somehow they have an old school feeling that got my attention from the very first moment!! Production is pretty good, the mix is well balanced!!! The mood...pretty dark and sinister, this is a slow paced song with good lyrics performances!!! Well done!!! Reviewed by: BraindeadZero from Madrid, Spain
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