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Deana Wilson
Deana Wilson
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Deana Wilson, The voice inside, soktobme, acoustic, guitar, vocals, folk, country, christian
I'll put my Faith in the Morning Star
Today #93 in Christian Country subgenre
Forever and a Day Lord
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The Water is Wide - My version of 1600's Folk song
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First, thanks for the visit to my page, I really appreciate that. I'm here for God, family and friends...at the urging of God, Family and friends :o) I am a Very Spiritual person...not religious. My faith lies in Jesus (not organized religion). I love to write, sing and play the guitar and have been since I was about 12. That was a long time ago...Trust me on that. I believe that my writing gets better as I mature and this is an ongoing process that I'm sure has not been completed (HaHa). My singing is probably better than my guitar playing. No lessons and I play by ear, can't read a note or play one, mostly basic chords. Tablature...what is that? Anyway, I pretty much just grab my guitar and my feelings and try to throw them down on paper, so others can feel them too. My guitar has helped me to heal through pain and express my joy. I'm not sure how I would have gotten through some moments in life without it. I believe God gives us all gifts for our personal needs and to help others with those gifts as well. It's helped me so much, if it helps you too..that is AWESOME! I am basically a big kid with a big heart. I like to have fun and when I love someone it's with all my heart. If I can express that through my music, I feel I am successfull in the musical part of my life. Though there is so much more that I am thankful for, music is just my Bullhorn. May God Bless You All, Deana Wilson :o)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have in the past, in Church, at funerals(sad, but loved doing it for the families), parties and weddings...and I use to go to open mic nights too. I loved it then...life just gets too busy now. As far as special moments, yes a few. I use to sing at weddings for friends and by word of mouth. I use to as a gift to the Bride and Groom interview them both separately and asked them why they loved their partner, when and where they met, when was the first moment they knew this is who they wanted to be with forever....and what is the most special thing about there partner and where do you see yourself in 1 year, 5years, 20 years, eternity. With this info I wrote them a song for their weddings that neither had ever heard based on their love for each other and where they saw the direction of their life paths and what would hold them together. To see the love and surprise on the couples faces as I sung their words to each other was awesome. I recorded the song for them and gave it to them....so they truly had their song. I never kept any copies for myself...I just put their words and hearts to music. Of those couples that I am still in touch with at whoms weddings I sung, they ALL have remained together for over 30 years. That is very special to me.
Your musical influences
I love alternative, country, gospel, jazz fuzion, folk music and ballads especially. I love when people tell a story with their music. There are so many influences. I grew up in a house where all we listened to was classic country music and Elvis. I fell in love with James Taylor, Carol King and Carly Simon as a teen. I also have very talented cousins who are professionally in the jazz fusion (maybe even the beginning of that) they made up the band SEAWIND and are starting to put a comback album together. I love Reba, Shawn Colvin, Sarah Macglaughlin, Nora Jones, George Jones, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood. I love Hayley Oliver and Ed Cox (soundclick artists) and so many others on my station "Simply the Best" if the music has a message and it moves me...I am there. I like hearing the words more than overpowering music. If I want to hear just music I'll hit an instrumental piece.
What equipment do you use?
One of my twelve string or six string guitars (not that you can really have too many..but I have too many:o), sometimes a plastic cowbell, a shake egg, drums....and me and a microphone. I use my computer and Sony acid music studio to do the recordings (awesome, cheap program anyone can afford and understand).
Anything else?
If you're here as a listener, you will love this site. There are SOOoooo many talented, cool people here your supply of good music here is endless. In fact good luck trying to hear it all. If you are an artist here your possibilties are endless. Soundclick has really given you a way to get your music heard for practically nothing but your time. The other artists here and the soundclick staff are so helpful, you will always find someone to help you. Post a message and someone will always offer help. God Bless you all in all your endeavors, Deana Wilson :o)
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