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Fli Boiz Inc
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*Bout That*Down South Club Hit Single #1 on SC!
des37011@yahoo.com (708)271-5582
It's Right Here(Runners Style)Hottest Track On SC
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Fli Boiz Entertainment2007 started as an attempt of three Chicago natives to get money. After watching a previous dream fade away at the ages of 14 and 15, the CEO’s of Fli Boiz Entertainment; Baby Fenna, Hazardous Heat, & Merci; thought it was worth another time to start another recording company. With this dream being common between them all, they started Fli Boiz Entertainment. Hazardouz Heat An upcoming and aspiring producer who was born in Chicago, started producing music at the age 14. Heat was a lyricist before he found his way into the beat game. His beats are categorized any where from East Cost all the way to the Dirty South with his own unique twist. His influences growing up our some of the best producers in the game such as Just Blaze, Kanye West, and Manie Fresh. At the early age of 14 Desmond "Hazardouz Heat" Brown quickly mastered a beat making program called fruity loops, which was a simple pc program. He then begin posting his beats on different web sites earning internet exposure as a hot young producer. By the age of 15 Hazardouz Heat had serval productions on numors mixtapes across different states. He also joined forces with 2 other beat makers in his local south suburb area, making an unstoppable production team. The money then started to roll in by selling his beats off of soundclick.com through paypal, earning him hundreds of dollars a month from beats. Hazardouzheat then expanded his talent by learning how to compose original martial. Currently Hazardouz Heat and Fli Boiz Entertainment are building there very own recording studio. So stay tune the best is yet to come. Fenna An upcoming and aspiring producer. Born in Chicago, he listened to street MC’s and dreamed of producing music and tracks for them. His beats are categorized as upbeat rap and hardcore rap. He has many producing accomplishments including producers’ seminars in New York. His influences include Timbaland & Lil’ Jon. Merci An aspiring producer who spends most of his time writing rhymes and spitting. All of his music carries a message and his rhymes are categorized with upbeat punch lines and tricky verses, which listeners can relate to. Born and raised on the south side area of Chicago, Merci spits about struggles, which have occurred in his life and the street life of Parkway Gardens, the apartment complex where he lived for 13 years. His influences include Lil’ Wayne, The Game, T.I., & The Diplomats. PLEASE READ THIS INFO REGARDING PURCHASING!!! BEAT PRICING: LEASING ($50-$200) Put simply, leasing a beat entitles you to use the beat for mixtape use. You do not acquire ownership of the beat through leasing. I still own rights to the beat, and can keep leasing it until exclusive rights are purchased. EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS ($200-$500) Exclusive rights entitles the buyer to ownership of the beat. This means that the beat can be edited in any way, and used for unlimited recordings. The buyer must give me (Hazardouz Heat Beatz) credit for the beat either verbally over the track or written in text in a cd pamphlet. I ACCEPT PAYPAL, MONEY ORDERS, AND PERSONAL CHECKSnc [center] [/center] CALL OR TEXT (708)646-9688
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FL7,Hypersonic 1, Hypersonic 2, Mpc 2000, Cool Edit Pro
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