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This is my personal rap battles, freestyles, songs, beat boxing, everything.
Band/artist history
Began 4/16/2007 to showcase my music, freestyles, beats, beat boxing, etc. I also do web design and graphics design. I can do album covers, logos, banners, and everything, just ask and I will at least give it a try. I own Bermuda Graphics: http://www.bermudagraphics.achillingsight.com I own Chris Reaper Designs: http://www.chrisreaper.com (coming soon) I work at Clan Base Live as a Representative: http://www.clanbaselive.com/partners/jrox.php?id=101 So If you own a Clan, Clan Base Live Can attend to you. - Game Servers Starting at $.99 (USD) Per Slot - Voice Servers Starting at $.40 (USD) Per Slot - Web Hosting Starting Free (for clients with other servers, otherwise starting at $3.95 per package) - Dedicated Servers - Gaming Packages - Locations: New York, Chicago (Coming Soon), Dallas, Washington D.C., UK (Coming Soon), and San Jose. - We Offer Many Games Including: Counter Strike: Source, Counter Strike 1.6, Day of Defeat: Source, Day of Defeat 1.6, Half Life (and mods), Call of Duty Series, F.E.A.R., America's Army (Honor Provider), and America's Army Non-Honor. - Our voice servers include Ventrilo and TeamSpeak 2. - All Voice Servers are 50% off with a game server. We have a lot to offer, so check us out. http://www.clanbaselive.com/partners/jrox.php?id=101
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, I don't play live. Special Moments are made behind the mic.
Your musical influences
Hip Hop and Tupac.
What equipment do you use?
A $20 headset and audacity.