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Young, fly and flashy, the bruce wayne of the game, this hot young go-getter is gonna blow up the urban market
The best way to describe the sound is to imagine the soundtrack to your emotions... Excited, bummed, happy, pissed off, frustrated, horny.. think of the kind of music that would match these moments and you're on your way to understanding the motivation behind Slink'B, the Ace of Diamonds.
Band/artist history
entered the industry with live performances, mixtape features, compilation tracks and online rap videos that earned him a reputation as a talented young artist in the hip hop world. A Toronto, CA native born of strict Jamaican parentage, he started rhyming at 14 while hanging with the east end crew Amazon Fam led by underground DJ/Producer Noodal Grandstyle. Fellow emcees and friends Golden Child and Plus Mo completed the trio crew Teflon, establishing a new rap presence in the local urban scene. He co-founded MO Records in 2005, delivering double-disc "The M.O. Collection", featuring such tracks as "Come Home Wit Me", Plus Mo's "Don't Stop", and Golden Child's "Street Song", which recieved high praise in the local industry and strong radio spins for the summer of '05. The group has since done numerous shows, appearing at the Urban Showcase Concert for Canadian Music Week, Dame Dash/VIBE magazine's "How Can I Be Down" conference, opening the 10th Anniversary show for hit R&B group 112, and continuing to build fans playing college/university venues across Ontario. A musician by nature, he played piano by age 8, and drum set by age 12. During his mid-teens he was the rhythm behind the high school jazz combo Saxcessories, recording two CDs before the group disbanded after graduation. Keeping his aspriations of working as a musician in the background, he went on to study Management at Ryerson University, continuing to write, record and perform as a hip hop artist outside the classroom.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Anywhere fine liqour is sold... love performing, workin the crowd.... save the special moments for now
Your musical influences
A self-described "beat junkie", Slink's musical influences include A Tribe Called Quest, Snoop Dogg, jazz greats such as Chick Coreia and Miles Davis, and soul pioneers like Roy Ayers and Issac Hayes.
What equipment do you use?
Sennehiser, Avalon, Roland, Genelec...
Anything else?
These days, Slink has come to be known as one to watch for mainstream success, aligning MO Records with a team of powerhouse producers and beatmakers to record his upcoming debut album, "Ace of Diamonds". His style is a unique blend of rhythmic wordplay and vivid imagery paired with melodic hooks that make an impact with listeners of any background. "I'm just making the music I like, stuff I'd listen to", he said in a recent interview with Ryerson University newspaper The EyeOpener. "This is my sound, that hot new sh*t that people like me can get down with. They just gotta hear it, gotta see it. At the end of the day, I'll keep doin my thing."