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For one i am not a band. i am an independent artist on an independent label. I come with that real shit i talk about stuff that is going on either in my area, m
SEA-TOWN Criminals records is dedicated to bringing fame and fortune to all the northwest rappers, producers, and other underground artists that have been out on a grind to get there name in the streets. Seattle has been underrated and looked over for way to long. Its time to take over because the industrialized motherfuckaz have killed the game by sugar coating our shit and watering us down. So I, Lil Terrorist plan to say fuck the industry, fuck the police (RIP EAZY), Fuck the US Government, and fuck all you hatin ass niggaz and dirty ass bitches. Its time to take over
Have you performed in front of an audience?
If your lucky you might catch me freestylin with some homies or some random nigga tryin to battle me at a party. Your best bet is when i have a fourty in my hand
Your musical influences
TRU (C-Murder, older Master P shit), Brotha Lynch Hung, the Hot boys, NWA eazy(RIP), NAS, Tupac (RIP), Biggie (RIP), DPG, DJ Quik, E-40, Hollow Tip, Lil Flip, Mc eiht, UGK, X-raided, T-nutty, Wu-tang, Too Short, The game (for exposing a snitch aka 50cent when no one else would), young bleed, Ice cube
What equipment do you use?
I record in my room in my little ghetto studio that i put together all by myself. (which is filthy in my opinion). My closet is the booth i use a digital reference DR-CX 1 Mic for recording which goes to my computer. I mix with Pro tools. I use a Casio CDP100 keyboard to do beats with either reason, FL studio, cubase or orion. I pirate all my software so i save allot of money (if this makes you angry well fuck you i dont care)
Anything else?
Fuck bush. he blew up the towers