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Cajun Zydeco Country Bluegrass Blues 50's Rock
Cajun Dave and the N'awlins Po Boyz also has other alias names: Cajun Dave and the Bayou Self Band, The Doo Wop Cajuns. The band is Variety, specializing in Cajun and Zydeco, but Ethnic Music of many styles can be heard. The band is Cajun Dave as a solo act, of course other players make up the band in duets trios and 5 to 6 pieces! The instruments consist of Fiddle, Guitar (6 & 12 string, electric) Mandolin, Banjo, Harmonica, Squeezebox, Bass, Drums, Island Steel Pan Drums, Djambe, Bamboo Xylophone, Moroccas, Scrubboard (Frottier) Triange (Tefar) Spoons, Slide Flute etc. Cajun Dave is a high energy performance, but can lay back for conversation or corporate functions. We love getting the audience involved, so don't be surprised if someone is playing scrubboard with us on occasion! We are on gigmasters.com as the N'awlins Po Boyz and my website www.cajundave.com can be viewed for my most updated and recent projects! Browes around, listen to my audio clips on My Music Site, and also a Video there as well. Check out my schedules! As we say in Louisiana "Lazez Le Bon Temps Roulier" (Let the good times roll!)
Band/artist history
Cajun Dave & Nawlins Po Boyz, is a duet, trio or full band playing; Cajun, ZydeCajun, Zydeco, Blues, Mardi Gras, Dixieland, Rockabilly, Classic Country, Folk and Bluegrass, contemporary,Island and Hawaiian songs, and Carrebean Style, Irish, and many variety of ethnic styles: Including Jewish, German, Russian, Greek, Polish, Irish, Chinese, Scandinavian (denmark, sweden, finland, iceland, norway) even middle eastern, India etc. We additionally play Doo Wop, Rock n' Roll ( 50's, 60's )as the Doo Wop Cajuns. Also Accoustic Rock, easy listening, Beach music for Pool Parties and all other outdoor events. Corporate parties & events. We are great for Indoor and outdoor Concerts, Low Country Boils, Pig Roasts, Bar b ques, Oyster Roasts, Clam Bakes, Crawfish Boils, Luaus, and kind of cookouts. We can play with the sound power of a full Live band for your Festival, Club Date or Private party for less cost then highering a full band. We also can simply play Accoustically for that genuine Fais-Do-Do sound and bring the Rubboard, Triangle and other percussion instruments for your guests to play along. Additional musicians are availible upon request for a full accoustic band with as many as six pieces. Drums, Bass, Guitar, Fiddle, Accordion squeezebox, Island Steel Pan Drums and triangle, slide flute, & Rubboard and other percussions, Full wardrobe of costumes for special occasions and events. Backline or background consist of Laptop Computer midis and sincronized music, and backing CD tracks Then Cajun Dave along with Lee Britt, Lester Verrette. Cajun Dave and Lee being the Vocalist and harmonies, also plays Electric Guitar, Accoustic Guitar, 12 String Guitar, 4 and 5 string Violin/Fiddle, Banjo, mandolin, Harmonica, Squeezebox, Island Steel Pan Drums, Bamboo Xylophone, bass guitar (if needed) Scrubboard, triangle, and many percussion instruments etc. We definately provide a Variety of sound and styles to please all audiences. We are high energy, and involve our audience, or can play laid back dinner sounds.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we play live, memorex, in studios, we play all over Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, and anywhere they'll have us! And yes New Orleans Louisiana! I love performing, it is my life, my soul, my existance! Yes, I've had very special moments in my musical carreer. I've opened for many famous artist: Roy Clark, Mel Tillis, Jerry Reed, Kitty Wells, Hank Williams 3, Bo Diddley, Doug Kershaw, also for 50,000 people at the Silver Springs Concert Series for the Gatland Brothers, Joel Sonier, Jimmy C Newman, the list is endless. Opening for Jimmy C was probably my finest famous moment. But I'd say my best moments was performing on stage with my late son Dave Becnel 2, when we had a band called "Island Sounds, and we performed for Crawfish Festivals, Waynesville for Vern and Joellen, Hurricane Patty's and at the Jacksonville Landing. I love you my lil Dave! We just recently did a Winn Dixie Commercial in West Palm Beach with Winn Dixies Nancy Atlas also we did the Devil Rays Boston Red Sox baseball Game. Those were special!
Your musical influences
We are high energy! But we can be laid back for conversation. No we don't crash guitars as we respect our instruments and tools of the trade, but we can climb on tables, and even give the audience a lap dance while performing. As I am wireless on my violin, and love to mingle with the audience! Give us a stage, and we'll take advantage of it. Yes, I could hang on the rafters playing fiddle upside down! I learned alot watching other artist perform! I love people and love to interact with them! We can give them cajun rap and r&b too. We perform for you! Of course my musical influences range from. Ernest Tubb, to Montley Crue! Ray Price to ZZ Top. Some of my heros have been Doug Kershaw, John Denver, James Taylor, Michael Doucet, Dewey Balfa, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, America, Jim Croce, Yes, Moody Blues, Lynnard Skynnard, Rufus Thibedeaux. ICP! I am all over the place, and love and appreciate all arts!
What equipment do you use?
I use 15 inch TOA Speakers, Mackie 8 channel Board, Dell Computer, Shure mics. Pevey monitor and PA system as well!
Anything else?
I love music and love life. My purpose here is to make people happy, Since I lost my son 2 years ago, he would want me to keep making people happy with my music, as he was also a musician. Love and serve my God with all my heart and being. Give to humanity, stay out of politics and religion. Give my talents and expect nothing in return!
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