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Killa Squa (US)
Killa Squa (US)
23 Tracks
Well basically we just 3 young fly ass niggaz thats out here tryna do the damn thang and show the World what we can do YA DIGZ!!!!!!!!! We been doin dis shit for while now, so don't feel bad if you wonderin why yo flow ain't as cold as ours! U can also IM me (Cutta) at Lilcl314
Band/artist history
Dis kid right here is da one that they call Cutta. He got bars for days and his punchlines is just flat-out brutal. If any nigga tryna battle him it's whatever cause he just shreddin niggaz, left and right. He has also been rappin since he been 10 years old and he here to stay! Dis right here is da pretty boy out of da group. But don't let his looks fool you cause dis nigga can flow for days. He da ones dats always thinkin bout the songs that we do for da ladies cause he like to please them. He can rap, sing, and dance. He got it ALL!!!!!!! Cashes! Yea that's what they call him. Now dis is like da hypeman out of da group. But just cause he da hypeman don't mean he can't flow cause trust me I then heard him he got mad bars. But he's also responsible for the designs and stuff cause he a beast at dat kinda shit. He made our damn background!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Naw not yet. That's why we're on here so we can get noticed!
Your musical influences
We are influenced by Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, T.I., and Tupac
What equipment do you use?
We use Audacity
Anything else?
I hope everyone likes our music and we get noticed on here.
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